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The course covers the broad subject of high-voltage and medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers (CB). The main topics include and introduction followed by a review of standards and principles including basic switching operations, short-circuit current ratings and types and construction of switches and disconnectors. Analysis of the short circuit current variation with time immediately following switching is given to help understand the behavior of the circuit-breaker under such transient conditions and the protection operating times. A description of the arc quenching media and their properties is then provided in some detail. This is then followed by a description of the operating mechanisms of various circuits breakers and interlocking. The important topic of specification and choice of circuit breakers is covered through a case study example where the system requirements are used as a basis for the specification and choice of circuit breakers to satisfy certain operating and environmental conditions.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:   

Carry out a system study and make circuit breaker specifications

Who should attend

Engineers, technical managers and technicians working in the electrical power industry. Principally energy utilities, manufacturers and services companies.


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