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This course will cover basic concepts and principles of different Chemical EOR (CEOR) methods including polymer flooding surfactant flooding, alkaline flooding, alkaline surfactant-polymer (ASP) flooding and others. The course is focused on issue related to these techniques including laboratory, numerical simulation, and field applications. Case studies will also be presented to support the latter three aspects along with exercises. In addition, fractional flow theory will be utilized to predict the behavior of these CEOR methods. The new advances in these methods will be discussed as the oil industry has expand edits activities in this area tremendously all around the world. Moreover, participants will learn how to use the UT CHEM software to set up, simulate, interpret, and visualize a selected CEOR method as well as to perform simple sensitivity analysis on

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  1. EOR and Related Petrophysics Overview
  2. Sweep Efficiency, Fractional Flow, and Polymer Flooding
  3. Introduction to UT CHEM(Waterflooding Simulation)
  4. Polymer Simulation and Modeling
  5. Surfactant and ASP Floodings