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The steps of carbonate thin-section and core description, basic components and pore types in carbonate rocks, carbonate depositional models, carbonate facies associations, impact of diagenesis on porosity, permeability, and capillary properties, reservoir rock typing used to provide input for reservoir modeling.

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  1. Basics carbonate petrology & reservoir characterization; carbonate pore types & general diagenesis. Materials:Thin-sections from Arzanah Field.      

Assignments/Assessments:    Pre-course test. Describe a series of thin sections.

  1. Carbonate depositional models, carbonate facies associations.

Material:  Core from Arzanah Field       

Assignments/Assessments:  Describe an Arzanah Field core and thin sections.

  1. Impact of diagenesis on porosity, permeability, and capillary properties; Reservoir rock typing.

Material:  Handouts and papers            

Assignments/ Assessments:    Discussions

  1. UAE reservoirs; Limestone and dolostone reservoir examples.

Material:  Handouts and papers             

Assignments/ Assessments:  Student presentations of classic examples of limestone &  dolostone reservoirs.

  1. Conclusions: Post Test