Astrobiology is a newly emerged interdisciplinary science that encompasses almost all of the established branches of science. It aims at answering crucial questions regarding life as a phenomenon. This is to say, it studies the conditions (astrophysical, chemical, and biological) for life to emerge on planets. Thereby, it does not stop at the Earth (albeit it takes lessons from the only known planet inhabited with life) but tries to project the possibility of life to other worlds in the solar system or external Exoplanets. Since all laws of nature are the same in the Universe, it is rather improbable that our solar system and the planet Earth constitute an exception (although some scientists are of this opinion). It is then logical to extend the quest of life to the quest of intelligent life.

Therefore, in general, Astrobiology is a science studying the role of life in the whole Universe. The course will address different aspects of the phenomenon of life and shed some light on its existence outside Earth.

The implications of a possible encounter with foreign intelligent life forms are discussed. The course will be held at a basic level with no requirements of technical knowledge of any science (like physics, chemistry, or biology) involved.

Learning Outcomes

To soften the boundaries between the different disciplines that make up the whole of Astrobiology to arrive at a complete understanding of the truly interdisciplinary science of Astrobiology.

To investigate the phenomenon of life from the different angles defined by each of the science that contributes to Astrobiology, such as Physics, Astrophysics/Astronomy, Cosmology, Geology/Geophysics, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Biology/Evolution among others.

To discuss and zero in on the problem around the question of life in a form similar to Earth’s life or otherwise emerged elsewhere in the Universe, close by in the solar system, or on worlds more distant. This includes also the existing possibility of intelligent life.

Who should attend

Everybody with an interest in science. The course is divulgative in nature and the exposition kept at an understandable level even for high-school students.