What is artificial intelligence (AI)? What does it mean for your organisation? And how can your organisation take advantage of it? This one-day training, developed by Khalifa University’s Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent System Institute, will help you answer these questions.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for senior executives, general managers, and strategic decision-makers who are considering applying AI in their organizations. The program explores AI solutions from a managerial perspective and does not require a technical background.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (IA)
Gain a general understanding of the AI domain and master the AI vs. Machine Learning terminology.

Typical IA Applications
Understand examples of vertical applications where different AI techniques were successful. Match real problems and AI techniques to successfully solve them.

AI and Machine Learning: A Closer Look
Understand Deep Learning in detail and know the difference between Deep Learning and other AI techniques.

Current IA Technology Landscape
Know the proprietary and open source AI toolkits, be acquainted with libraries lifecycle; and make or buy decisions.

Business Case Studies on IA
Understand business cases for AI adoption and relate AI technology to business/government KPIs.

Toward the AI-Enabled Organization: A Manager's Approach
Master a proven method for high-level design of AI-enabled processes.

Roadmap to AI Adoption in Organizations
Become ready to lead AI adoption in specific vertical domains, talking to engineers and consultants.

The UAE AI Strategy
Understand the UAE AI strategy and link it to adoption roadmaps in individual organizations.