Category Name > Artificial Intelligence


The program will provide trainees with exposure to and expertise in all the major techniques in AI, covering both the algorithmic/machine learning aspect and the data/application engineering one.
Understand and Use Advanced Data Analytics Techniques
Understand and Use Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
Apply and implement decision and classification techniques
Design advanced Machine Learning systems and use them to solve classification, prediction and anomaly detection problems.

Who should attend

Technical and Engineering degree


Advanced Classification (Classification algorithms, Focus on Metric Representation ad Dimensionality Reduction , Metric Representation
Dimensionality Reduction techniques,

Focus on Clustering (Refresh on K-Means clustering algorithms and its variants,Clustering quality metrics, The Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm)

Focus on Statistical Estimates(Introduction to Big Data IV , Estimate by Maximum Likelihood methods , Advanced Deep Learning Models , Adversarial Paradigm, Focus on Privacy) 

Intro to Python, Intro to R, Use Python SDK for ANN training
Intro to Libraries, Use Tensorflow for ANN training, Use Python SDK for Deep Learner training , Advanced Tensorflow