The program will provide trainees with exposure to and expertise in all the major techniques in AI, covering both the algorithmic/machine learning aspect and data/application engineering:

Classify and contrast the standard data analytics architectures

Analyze data analytics problems and use various techniques to solve them

Apply and implement decision and classification techniques

Design basic machine learning systems and use them to solve classification problems

Who should attend

Those who have technical and engineering degrees. 


Day 1

Introduction to Big Data I

The Landscape of Data Analytics I

Learning from Data

Day 2

Introduction to Big Data II

Introduction: Technology-Neutral Basic Models

The Landscape of Data Analytics II

Definition of Important Tasks in Data Science

Basic Machine Learning Techniques

Day 3

Methodology for Big Data Application Development

The NOSQL ecosystem and its relation with MapReduce


Focus on Network Analysis

Graphs and Networks

Day 4

Introduction to Big Data III

Focus on Regression

Day 5

Introduction to cloud computing

Focus on Azure