This course is designed to provide training in the acidizing application for sandstones and carbonates of drilled wells as well as solutions to acid stimulation problems, health, safety and environment issues. Emphasis will be placed on the concepts of acid stimulation. Problems solving sessions are included to enhance learning objectives. Participants will need their calculators.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

Understand the near wellbore damage, its diagnosis, and stimulation.

Apply the theory of acid-rock interaction (sandstone and carbonates) to the removal of damage and further stimulation. 

Understand the benefits of matrix acidizing and acid fracturing.  

Learning Outcomes

Understand fundamentals of acid stimulation of carbonates and sandstones.

Design successful acid stimulation jobs.

Perform pre- and post-acidizing analysis and acidizing cost analysis.

Who Should Attend

(Graduate and Junior Engineers/Geologists with 0-5 years experience)


Day 1

Introduction – Fundamentals of Acid Stimulation and Applications

Day 2

Practical Oilfield Considerations Concerning Acidizing

Day 3

Carbonate Acidizing

Day 4

Sandstone Acidizing

Day 5