This course is a hands-on introduction to ASIC design using Synopsys ASIC design tools flow. The attendees will be introduced to digital circuits timing for both combinational and sequential logic synthesis. They will be taught how to perform synthesis, evaluate time, floorplan, place 7 route, and chip finishing their ASIC design.

Learning Outcomes

ASIC Flow & Digital Circuit ASIC Timing

Synthesis & Static Timing Analysis (STA)

Full-day lab about Synthesis and STA using Synopsys Design Compiler & PrimeTime tools

Floorplaning, Clock Tree Synthesis, Place and Route and Chip Finishing

Parasitic Extraction, Timing Closure, LVS & DRC

Full-day lab about Floorplaning to GDSII using the IC Compiler Tool from Synopsys

Who Should Attend

ECE Engineers or anybody with basic ECE knowledge who are interested to learn ASIC Design Basics using industry standard Synopsys ASIC design tools.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5