1st Middle East Chemical Engineering Symposium (MEChES 2023)

Middle East is a fast-growing region with urbanization rate surpassing major economy such as China. Indeed, an approximately 70% of the population in this region, with an annual population growth of 3.0%, stays in major cities. This unprecedented growth, concomitant with economic boom, is turbocharging the advancement in the areas of oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, food, water management etc., which are synonym to chemical engineering discipline. Furthermore, Middle East is also home to some of the world-renowned universities and research centers. Therefore, MEChES 2023 aims to provide an academic discourse for the dissemination of latest research findings and advances in the field of chemical engineering, and to promote inter-institutions collaboration. Specifically, the major focuses of MEChES 2023 encompass food, energy, and water nexus, which has become priority areas of policymakers, industry players and researchers.