A major focus of Nuclear Systems & Safety research is the development of robust methodologies to predict thermal hydraulic phenomena in single component and integral nuclear power plant systems to minimize the risks of faults.

Our tools lead the way for more detailed design optimization approach
to enhance the safety and the economic efficiency of nuclear power plants with the nuclear sector stakeholders’ research priorities in mind.


The teams research is focused on the following areas:

  • Deterministic Safety Analysis/Probabilistic Safety Analysis
  • Thermal-Hydraulic safety analysis during accident scenarios of nuclear power plants.
  • Optimization of next generation reactor design and neutronic parameters, as well as the assessment of plant behavior by conducting the pertinent safety analyses studies.
  • Best-Practice-Guidelines for industrial CFD users simulating nuclear industry related phenomena such as; thermal striping issues, deteriorated turbulent heat transfer in a nuclear systems, rod bundle flow and thermal field calculations, and so forth.
  • Thermal-hydraulic analysis of Hybrid/renewable systems.
Selected publications