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Prof. Zou has worked at Khalifa University as full professor for nearly 10 years since 2014. Her research interests are in the areas of developing nanostructured materials such as membranes, adsorbent and electrodes for more efficient water purification and desalination technologies, such as capacitive deionization and membrane fouling minimization. She led the “ground-breaking” research project on using nanotechnology to develop cloud seeding materials, which was awarded by the inaugural UAE Research Program on Rain Enhancement Science for 2016-2019. Now she is the lead PI of a 2D nanomaterials for water purification project funded by UAE government. She has published numerous journal articles as senior author (SCOPUS h-index 53, Google Scholar h-index 59) and are invited frequently as keynote speaker at membrane and nanomaterials conferences.  Prof Zou is in the 2020 and 2021, 2022, 2023 Stanford University’s List of World’s Top 2% of Scientists in single year ranking, as well as World’s Top 2% of Career-long Scientists with the greatest citation impact. She has supervised 15 PhD students to successful completion as the main advisor, and currently supervises 5 PhD students. Prof Zou serves as associated editor of Environmental Technology & Innovation journal, and as editorial board member of water technology journals such as Desalination, Membrane, and NPJ Clean Water. In 2023 she is nominated to be a Management Committee Member of IWA's Membrane Technology Specialist Group. For public recognition, she is among the first 20 recipients in 2019 of the UAE Government's Golden Residence program for scientific excellence.

  • Ph.D. Monash University (Applied Science and Chemistry)
  • M.Eng. Asian Institute of Technology (Environmental Engineering)
  • B.Eng. Beijing University of Technology (Environmental Engineering)

  • Water Treatment and Membrane Processes (CIVE463)
  • Nanotechnology and Water Purification

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Affiliated Centers, Groups & Labs

Research Interests
  • 2D Nanomaterials
  • Membrane
  • Capacitive deionization
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and desalination
  • Cloud seeding materials

Research Projects

Project title: 2D nanocomposite membrane for catalytic wastewater treatment 

This research developed the 2D nanomaterials-assisted composite membrane for efficient catalytic degradation of organic contaminants in water and wastewater.

Project title: Hybrid pseudocapacitive nanocomposite electrodes in capacitive deionization 

This research synthesized pseudocapacitive nanomaterials, and employed as electrodes in capacitive ionization. The hybrid mechanism of ion intercalation and electrical double layer opened up the possibility of using pseudocapacitive nanocomposite electrodes in efficient salt removal.

Project title: 2D materials-enhanced hydrogels for osmosis water purification

This research designed and synthesized an efficient osmosis material that  purified water by removing salinity, organic contaminants, bacteria and viruses.

Project title: Nanotechnology enabled efficient removal of oil from wastewater 

This research designed and fabricated amphiphilic nanocomposite membrane, evaluated the oil removal performance of the membrane under different initial oil concentrations and explored the anti-oil fouling property, long-term stability, and self-cleaning of this amphiphilic membrane

Project title: Core/shell microstructure as efficient cloud seeding materials 

We designed and synthesized a core/shell NaCl/TiO2 (CSNT) particles with controlled particle size, which successfully adsorbed more water vapor and form liquid droplet at lower environmental relative humidity. The observed excellent and consistent performances in the laboratory confirmed that CSNT particles could be the promising cloud-seeding materials.

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Adetunji Alabi Postdoctoral Fellow
Muhammad Faheem Postdoctoral Fellow
Chao Yu Postdoctoral Fellow
Fathima Arshad Research Associate
Zainab Mohammed AlAnsari PhD student
Delal Ezzeddin ALmomani PhD student
Rahat Mohammad Quamrul Haque Alam PhD student
Prativa Kumari Ram Lakhan Mahato Mahato PhD student
Ahmed Mamdouh Aboulella PhD student
Additional Info

Public recognition and Professional Services


Deputy Director of Women In Science Committee, MBRAS

Associate Editor: Environmental Technology & Innovation - Elsevier

Guest Editor: Desalination Special Issue : Capacitive Deionization & Electrosorption - Elsevier

Editorial Board: Desalination - Elsevier

Editorial Board: npj Clean Water - Nature

Editorial Board: Membranes - MDPI

Management Committee Member of International Water Association (IWA)'s Membrane Technology Specialist Group


Recent Peer Reviewed Journal Publications as the Correspondence Author (2019-2024)

ORCID:  0000-0001-5222-6173

SCOPUS h-index: 53

Google Scholar h-Index: 59


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