Dr. Ibrar Yaqoob
Dr. ibrar yaqoob Research Scientist Electrical Engineering And Computer Science

Contact Information
ibrar.yaqoob@ku.ac.ae +97123124480


Dr. Ibrar Yaqoob is a research scientist at Khalifa University, UAE. He was a research professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Kyung Hee University, South Korea, where he had joined as a postdoctoral fellow.

Dr. Yaqoob holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the Universiti Malaya (2017) and a BS (Hons.) degree in IT from the University of the Punjab (2012), Gujranwala Campus, Pakistan.

His current research focuses on leveraging blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse for healthcare, supply chain and logistics, IoT, and smart cities. Furthermore, he has conducted research in the areas of mobile edge-cloud computing, IoT, computer networks, and big data.

Dr. Yaqoob has authored over 80 journal publications that have earned more than 12,600 citations with an h-index of 40. His research achievements and services are listed below.

-- Selected as a Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) worldwide by the Web of Science.

-- Authored over 80 research articles, including in quartile 1, top 1{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed}, 2{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed}, 5{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed}, and 10{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed} journals. 

-- 12 of his research articles have been listed as "highly cited papers" (top 1{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed}) by the Web of Science.

-- 19 of his research articles have been listed as the most downloaded articles.

-- Serves on the editorial boards of IEEE, Elsevier, and Springer journals, including IEEE Network Magazine (Top 1{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed} SJR) and Future Generation Computer Systems journal (Top 1{eca436d86c222ab3e9dab4c32851a5f0e8b92f21bb36ef315e982b8f746c99ed} CiteScore).

-- Served as a referee for more than 45 IEEE, Elsevier, and Springer journals.

-- Involved in IEEE/ACM international conferences and workshops in various capacities, such as co-chair, track chair, technical program committee member, and reviewer.

-- Selected for a postdoctoral fellowship in South Korea under the Brain Korea 21st Century Plus grant. 

-- Won a Bright Sparks scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. degree at the Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

-- One of his research articles was selected for the Editor's Choice award by the Future Generation Computer Systems journal.

-- Outstanding organizer, Malaysian National Cloud Conference, MNCC 2015. 

-- Outstanding reviewer, Future Generation Computer Systems Journal.

-- Outstanding reviewer, Journal of Network and Computer Applications.

-- Senior Member of IEEE.

  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia, 2017
  • BS (Hons.), Information Technology, University of the Punjab, Gujranwala Campus, Pakistan, 2012

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Research Center for Digital Supply Chain and Operations Management

Research Interests
  • Blockchain and Applications
  • NFTs and Metaverse
  • Mobile Edge-Cloud Computing
  • IoT, Smart Cities, and Big Data