Dr. Sami Bashir
Dr. Sami Bashir Director, Technology Management & Innovation

Dr. Sami Bashir has been working for over 20 years in technology and research commercialization, both, in industry and academia. Sami started his career working in industry R&D introducing advanced materials to various markets of renewable energy, catalysis, and coatings. After that, he took a leadership role in industry R&D engaging in business growth activities related to licensing-in/-out of new technologies, venture mergers and acquisition of new businesses. Sami, also, has successfully led industry-university consortia and projects to establish new products that can achieve EU regulatory targets in relation to emissions of toxic gases and renewable energy applications.

Dr. Bashir, then, became responsible in a major chemical industry of incorporating intellectual property (IP) outputs in shaping and realizing corporate’s innovation strategy and business sustainability. In this role, he was responsible for the protection and monetization of IP, the conceptualization of technology gaps, and the competitive positioning of future technologies and products.  

Prior to Khalifa University of Science & Technology, Dr. Bashir worked in Masdar Institute and King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) where he was responsible for building technology transfer platforms and overseeing commercialization of the IP portfolio; successfully guiding research discoveries from laboratories to market through licensing and creation of start-ups.

Dr. Bashir has authored different papers and publications in the field of university technology transfer, research commercialization, university-industry partnership, and building of successful university entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems through nurturing startups. His most recent publication is a chapter in a book titled “Higher Education in the Arab World – Building a Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship” recently published by Springer Nature.

Dr. Bashir holds a Master's degree in Law (LLM - Technology & Intellectual Property) from the University of Liverpool and PhD in Materials Nano-Chemistry from the University of Central Lancashire.