Dr. Francois Foulon
Dr. Francois Foulon Director, Emirates Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC)
Professor & Chair, Nuclear Engineering Department
Theme-3 Lead - Radiation Safety and Environment

Professor & Department Chair, Nuclear Engineering; Director, Emirates Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC) & Theme-3 Lead -Radiation Safety and Environment 


Dr. Francois Foulon received his Doctorate degree in Material Science from the University Paris-Diderot, France, in 1989. His work experience provided him with a large array of competences and international experience in the field of Nuclear reactors, Nuclear Instrumentation, Nuclear Applications and Semiconductor technology.

Dr. Foulon worked as an Associate Researcher at Imperial College London, the UK, and at the Max Plank Institute in Gottingen, Germany, before joining the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in 1993. He has a 30-year experience in research and development in the field of nuclear engineering and nuclear applications in support of various nuclear stakeholders, with a particular focus on nuclear instrumentation. He is a designated CEA International Expert in the field of Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Instrumentation.

For more than 20 years he has been a Professor at the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, a higher education institution administered by the CEA which delivers highly specialised academic and continuing education programmes focused on nuclear sciences and techniques used in the energy and health sectors. He has been for 5 years the Head of a Unit managing the utilisation of CEA nuclear facilities, such as Research Reactors, Accelerators and Simulators, for Education and Training purposes. 

Dr. Foulon has a 15-year experience as the Manager of a Research and Training Reactor, being accountable for license-related matters, i.e. safety, security, safeguard, as well as the management of programmatic, human resource and financial matters.

From 2009, Dr. Foulon has been actively contributing to IAEA projects and activities as an external expert. He joined the IAEA in 2016 as a Senior Nuclear Engineer in charge of Capacity Building and Nuclear Infrastructure activities and, in 2018, was appointed Head of the Nuclear Science and Instrumentation Laboratory whose activities are focussed on neutron science, in-situ radiation monitoring techniques, applications of X-ray Fluorescence and the application of accelerators.

Dr. Foulon (has been) appointed at Khalifa University on the 1st of May 2021 as Director of the Emirates Nuclear Technology Centre and Chair of  the Nuclear Engineering Department.