Dr. Alessandro Gardi
Dr. Alessandro Gardi Assistant Professor
Teaching Areas
Research Areas

Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Alex Gardi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, focussing on aerospace cyber-physical systems (UAS, satellites, ATM systems and avionics). In this domain, he specialises in multi-objective trajectory optimization with emphasis on optimal control methods and AI/metaheuristics for air and space platforms. Dr Gardi has also worked on advancing systems and software engineering methodologies to new generations of aerospace and defence systems which exploit Internet of Things (IoT) technology and sophisticate AI/machine learning, health monitoring and data integrity/cyber-resilience functionalities to operate autonomously for extended periods of time even in degraded conditions.

To date, Dr Gardi has supervised more than 30 undergraduate and 14 postgraduate final year projects and several PhD/MRes candidates (5 completions). He has also been a partner/senior investigator in more than 10 research projects funded by industry and government, and has produced ~150 refereed publications, securing more than 2000 citations and an overall h-index of 26.

Dr Gardi holds an Honorary Associate position at RMIT University (Australia).


  • 2022-current, Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Khalifa University, UAE.
  • 2019-2021, Senior Research and Teaching Fellow, RMIT University, Australia.
  • 2017–2019, THALES Research Fellow, RMIT University, Australia.
  • PhD (Aerospace Eng.), RMIT University (Australia), 2017
  • MSc (Aerospace Eng.), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), 2011
  • BSc (Aerospace Eng.), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), 2007

Professional qualifications:

  • Chartered Professional Engineer (MIEAust CPEng), 2019
  • Laser Safety Officer Level 2, UNSW (Australia), 2018
  • Private Pilot PPL(A), CAA (UK) and CASA (Australia), 2013-2018
Teaching Areas

Dr Gardi has teaching experience in the following areas:

  • Aerospace Systems Engineering
  • Multidisciplinary Design, Modelling and Simulation
  • Avionics, CNS/ATM and Aerospace Navigation and Guidance Systems
  • Sustainability in Aerospace Engineering
Research Areas

Research Topics:

  • Aircraft and spacecraft modelling, simulation and optimization, digital twin and virtual prototype development, with focus on UAS/UAM and near-Earth orbits;
  • Aerospace GNC, with emphasis on multi-objective and multi-phase trajectory optimization for air and space platforms;
  • Aircraft environmental impacts modelling and assessment, aviation sustainability and greening technologies;
  • Aviation human factors engineering, human-in-the-loop testing, cognitive aerospace systems and trusted autonomy;
  • Avionics and CNS/ATM systems engineering and operations;
  • Airborne/spaceborne electro-optics and laser systems design, modelling and experimental characterization;

Research Projects:

  • Generic Trajectory Optimisation Module for Aerospace System Multi-Disciplinary Design, Australian DoD/DST Group, 2021-2023.
  • Human-Autonomy Interactions for Very-Low-Level Air Traffic Operations, THALES Australia, 2019-2022.
  • Development of LIDAR Remote Sensing Systems for the Summerfruit Industry, FoodAgility CRC, 2020-2022.
  • Above Water Laser Communication, Australian DoD, 2020-2021.
  • Airspace Risk Modelling - Research Program, Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, 2020-2022.
  • Cognitive Human-Machine Systems for One-to-Many UAS Operations, Northrop Grumman, 2018-2022.
  • Deploying UAV-Mounted Geophysical Sensor Arrays, AMIRA Global, 2020.
  • Diagnostics and Prognostics Models and Tools for HUMS, Australian Land Engineering Agency, 2019-2020.
  • Development of GNC Systems for the StopRotor UAV, Australian Defence Innovation Hub, 2018-2019.
  • Cognitive Human-Machine Interfaces and Interactions for Air Traffic Management Systems, THALES Australia, 2016-19.
  • Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimization for Intent-Based Operations in Dynamic Airspace, THALES Australia, 2014-16.
  • Systems for Green Operations Integrated Technology Demonstrator (SGO-ITD), Clean Sky JTI, European Union FP7, 2012-13.

Advisor to the following students & staff:

  • Dr Fendy Santoso (RMIT Research Fellow)
  • Dr Rohan Kapoor (RMIT Postdoctoral TA)
  • Dr Andoh (Mike) Afful (RMIT Postdoctoral RA)
  • Faisal Hussain (KU PhD student)
  • Marwan Mamdouh Gomaa (KU MRes student)
  • Kavindu Ranasinghe (RMIT 3rd year PhD candidate)
  • Samuel Hilton (RMIT 3rd year PhD candidate)
  • Nichakorn Pongsakornsathien (RMIT 3rd year PhD candidate)
  • Thomas Fahey (RMIT 2nd year PhD candidate)
  • Kathiravan Thangavel (RMIT 2nd year PhD candidate)
  • Maidul Islam (RMIT 2nd year PhD candidate)
  • Yibing Xie (RMIT 2nd year PhD candidate)