Dr. Banu Sizirici Yildiz
Dr. banu sizirici yildiz Assistant Professor Civil Infrastructure And Environmental Engineering

Contact Information
banu.yildiz@ku.ac.ae +971 2 312 4115


Dr. Banu Yildiz is an expert in waste management with experience in sustainable water/wastewater treatment systems, low cost adsorbents, landfill management, dewatering of sludge, zero waste technology, air quality control and life  cycle assessment. She holds PhD in Civil Engineering and MSc and BSc in Enviornmental Enginerring. Before her current appointment at KU, she was a  faculty member at the Civil Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University and was a post-doctoral associate at the Civil Engineering Department at Florida International University.  She was awarded by multiple national and international awards for environmental engineering applications in water and wastewater treatment.  She is a guest speaker at seminars and lectures and she mentors several undergraduate/graduate students for  research competitions.

  • PhD, Civil Engineering, Florida International University (USA)
  • MSc, Environmental Engineering, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
  • BSc, Environmental Engineering, Istanbul University (Turkey)

  • CIVE 370
  • CIVE 469
  • CIVE 721
  • CIVE 722
  • WENV 601
  • CIVE 335

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers

Research Interests
  • Sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Low-cost adsorbents
  • Air pollution
  • Waste management
  • Life Cycle Assessment

Research Projects

Yard waste to low-cost adsorbent: The effect of pyrolysis temperature and feedstock on date palm-derived biochar utilization in water and wastewater treatment

Performance and life cycle/life cycle coast assessment of low cost adsorbents’ application in drinking water/wastewater treatment

Nanochar application for removal of emerging contaminants from contaminated water

Outdoor and indoor air quality relations and impact on human health

Low Cost Desalination

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Jamal Shaheen PhD student
Ahmed Mamdouh Aboulella PhD student
Jamiu Eniola PhD student
Yohanna Fshea PhD student
Eilin Munir Rachid MS student