Dr. Amal Al Ghaferi
Dr. amal alghaferi Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering

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An associate professor in Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University, Dr. Amal Al Ghaferi is reputed as the first female UAE-National faculty in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. A pioneering force in the Materials Science and Engineering field, Dr. Amal has a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to joining Khalifa University, Dr. Al Ghaferi was an Assistant Professor at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, and before that, she was an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department at UAE University in Al Ain.

As a material scientist, Dr. Amal played an instrumental role in laying the groundwork for the first state-of-the-art microscopy research infrastructure in Abu Dhabi. She was also pivotal in helping develop the first electron microscopy laboratory in the UAE.  

As a research scientist, Dr. AlGhaferi’s primary focus is on the implementation and utilisation of nanotechnology, intending to design and develop viable nanotechnology materials with customisable properties that can aptly meet the specifications of various commercial applications and processes in the UAE. 

Apart from her astute contributions in the nanotechnology field, Dr. Amal has also extensively investigated novel materials with properties advantageous for a variety of applications such as water desalination, solar cells, sensing applications, and energy storage. In addition, Dr. AlGhaferi has also diverted her research to experimenting with 2D materials and their applications for key areas such as energy storage, working towards designing 2D materials batteries and super capacitors.  

As a prominent member of the Chancellor’s Global Advisory Council of the University of Pittsburgh and a certified ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) Program Evaluator , Dr. Amal AlGhaferi has published 70+ peer-reviewed articles and has participated in local and global conferences. As an active scientific reviewer for accredited and renowned scientific journals, Dr. Amal has also worked as a critical advisor and co-advisor, helping consul over 37 graduate students.

  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pa, USA

  • Crystallography and Diffraction (MSEN 619)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy and X Ray Microanalysis (MSEN 712 )
  • Thermodynamics of Materials (MSEN 607 )

Affiliated Research Institutes/Centers
  • Masdar Institute

Research Interests
  • 2D Materials
  • Batteries and Super Capacitor
  • Space

Research Staff and Graduate Students:

Nilesh Rajaram Chodankar Research Scientist
Mariam Sultan PhD Candidate
Malathe Khalil PhD Candidate
Maithaa Jasim Saleh Ali Almazrouei Master Degree Student