The Khalifa University Main Campus covers over 135,000 square meters and houses 105 laboratories, including state-of-the-art aerospace and underwater robotics labs, 72 classrooms, the UAE’s largest academic sports center, retail and food outlets, and multi-story parking.

The building’s design, which won the award for best Cultural and Institutional Project at the 2015 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Interior Design and Architecture Awards, was inspired by the Arab regions rich artistic history and heritage. The interior design contains curves and ellipses that are meant to mimic the beauty and purity of the desert.

The academic sports center, which is housed over four stories, consists of separate men’s and women’s facilities featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight lifting equipment, fitness studios, and courts for basketball, squash, volleyball and badminton.

The main campus also features a 200-meter long pedestrian walkway, called the Creative Spine, which spans the heart of the campus, providing clear and unobstructed views of the main buildings, while encouraging innovation through interaction and a collaborative academic environment.

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