Student Services

Student Services

Khalifa University has a wide variety of student services which support students and ensure student success and retention. It ensures students have opportunities to make successful transitions to the university setting and to learn career readiness skills while maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Khalifa University’s career services aim to support students in developing career plans and goals, improve employability, and build relationships with industry.

Khalifa University’s Career Services aim to:

1. Educate and empower students to develop, implement, and continuously evaluate their academic and career goals;
2. Assist students in their transition from students to employees;
3. Liaise with departments to plan appropriate career workshops;
4. Facilitate opportunities for students to develop relationships with potential employers;
5. Provide career development and networking opportunities;
6. Help students and alumni develop soft skills by offering workshops and learning opportunities on resume development, cover letter writing, interview preparation and networking skills;
7. Empower students to be socially conscious, culturally sensitive leaders committed to civic engagement and social inclusion (volunteerism).

Career Education and Counselling

All students can benefit from career counselling, whether they need support to choose the correct major, write an effective resume, or excel at interviews. Our Career counsellors also provide labor market information on available opportunities in various STEM and engineering industries. Further information about our career counselling services and assessments can be found on the Career Services portal on Symplicity.


Students at Khalifa University must take an internship as a credited course by the end of their third year. Internships are a graduation requirement and take place in the summer, comprising a placement of a minimum of eight consecutive weeks.

While students have the option to find an internship placement on their own, Khalifa University’s Career Services can also support in securing an appropriate placement for them.

Students should follow the guidelines and rules highlighted in the Internship Handbook. Career Services organizes a series of workshops for internship students about CV writing and interview skills. Attending these workshops is part of the internship course requirements. For further details about internships, please refer to the Internship Handbook.

Graduate employment support

Career Services supports Khalifa University recent graduates and alumni with finding the right career and job opportunities. Unemployed recent graduates get the priority in the support provided by Career Services. Recent graduates and alumni get regular announcements and e-newsletters on available opportunities in the job market. Career Services encourages graduates to make the most of every networking opportunity advertised such as the annual on campus Career Fair, and other career and recruitment events organized off campus in most of the emirates. Attending such events expand the possibilities and strengthens the networking skills needed nowadays.

Career Fairs

Each year, Career Services organizes a Career Fair on campus to create mutual links between upcoming graduates and potential employers. It is attended by both government and private sector organisations.

Community service

Following the model of community service in international universities, Khalifa University has introduced a mandatory community service as a graduation requirement for all students in undergraduate programs. Students admitted in Fall 2014 and thereafter are required to complete 20 hours of community service per year to a maximum total of 100 hours during the duration of their degree program. No credits are awarded for community service but completion of the requirement is noted on the student’s transcript.

Industrial visits

Students are encouraged to make industrial visits to leading organizations throughout the academic year. These visits are usually the student’s first opportunity to see how theory is applied and to consider their career path. They also provide prospective employers with an opportunity to meet the University’s future graduates. For more details, please check with your academic department about planned visits during the academic year.

Industry outreach

Career Services constantly works to build and maintain meaningful relationships with industry leaders which greatly support Khalifa University students and graduates in their search for internships, job opportunities and other possible types of student-company engagement.

Peer tutoring

The Peer Tutoring program seeks to offer academic support as requested by students in all degree disciplines and course levels. Tutoring is provided on a group and one-to-one basis as required.

Peer tutoring supplements classroom instruction, fosters independent learning, builds self-esteem and assists students in improving their academic skills. This program will continue to evolve to provide quality tutoring for students at Khalifa University.

Academic Success Program (ASP)

The aim of Academic Success Program is to help students to learn the necessary skills positive attitude required to achieve success in their university education. Students who successfully complete this program with a high attendance record can expect to move smoothly through the remainder of their degree program. Following the conclusion of the program, our Career and Counseling Services are on hand to continue to support and enhance student learning experiences through career guidance, personal support, mentoring and other interventions.

Student Services provides individual and group counseling services to assist students with personal and social concerns which could impact negatively on their academic achievements and success.

Student Council

Khalifa University of Science and Technology promotes the active participation of students. Every student on campus, undergraduate or graduate, is eligible to serve on the student council to represent the student population and connecting with university management in Campus Life.

The Khalifa University Student Council promotes student advocacy, leadership skills and contributes to enriching campus life. The Student Council encourages active participation in university governance, events, representation in committees, student town hall meetings and many student activities.

Student Associations and Student Clubs

Student led clubs are an integral part of the university learning experience. The academic experience is enriched by participation in extracurricular activities that allow students to pursue their personal interests beyond the classroom.

The College of Engineering supports a number of discipline-based student professional chapters. These are connected to the various academic programs and offer a number of opportunities for students to be involved in their activities or participate in professional events.

  • Emirati Club
  • Korean Club
  • Debate Club
  • Medical Club
  • Sports Club
  • HOPE Club
  • Theater Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Azer Club
  • Happiness Club
  • Literature Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Music Club
  • Green Club
  • Programming Club
  • Art Club


The Khalifa University Sports Office organizes various sporting, health and fitness activities that include but not limited to tournaments, recreational sports, fitness classes, health promotion and disease prevention.

Intercollegiate Tournaments

Khalifa University male and female sport teams compete in the Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League (ADISL) against other UAE University teams.  The sport teams dedication and commitment have always led them to top rankings in the league.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness of our students is a top priority at Khalifa University.  Campus Life offers a broad range of on-campus and off-campus opportunities to ensure the well-being of our students.

Resident Life

Khalifa University residences offer an environment where students from different parts of the country can meet and learn from one another. Student housing is available at all three university campuses. All housing facilities are managed by on-site staff and security team.

The university offers gender separated residence quarters for its undergraduate students.

Students can:

  • Enjoy free WiFi access.
  • Prayer rooms.
  • Access all university supported academic programs and portals.
  • Study in an academically secure and supported environment.
  • Relax in private and communal recreation areas.
  • Participate in Resident Life events and activities.
  • Transportation to and from campus
  • Weekend transportation

KU student accommodation consists of several buildings which vary in their capacity between rooms. All rooms are fully furnished to fit the needs of students. Daily transportation is provided to and from the campuses.

Graduate Residences

On-campus residences at Masdar City Campus are available to all full time and registered MSc or PhD students as part of the scholarship award benefits. Residences can also be offered to Practicing Professionals (PPP), visiting students and interns as per availability.

Masdar City Campus residences are split into 2 blocks, 1A and 1B, comprised of 4 buildings each, divided into male and female.

Each apartment has a bedroom, kitchen, toilet and shower, living/dining and study area. All apartments have private balconies.

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