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Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS)

Khalifa University is commitee to promote a safe, environmentally
soune campus that is coneucive to the highest level of eeucaton
ane research. The EHSS is responsible for the wellbeing of stueents,
faculty, staf, contractors ane visitors on the campuses, ane for the
campus environment. The Khalifa University (KU) EHSS
management system has been eevelopee to meet the
requirements of the Abu Dhabi Emirate ane relevant internatonal
staneares. Th e KU EHSS Management System (EHSS-MS) aims to:
Secure the health, safety ane welfare of KU community
Protect the public from the health ane safety risks from KU
Eliminate workplace risks at the source
Implement health, safety, security ane welfare staneares
Improve natural resource conservaton ane management
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Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KU) recognizes its corporate responsibility to continually improving the environmental, health and safety performance of its activities. Every member of the KU community shall adhere to all health, safety, environmental and sustainability policies and procedures that are instituted to protect the health and safety of the KU community, protect and enhance the environment, and propagate sustainable campuses.

The University’s EHSS Management system (MS) covers the requirements set out within the environment, health, safety and security legislation so that work can be performed with minimal or no risk.

The KU EHSS Management system documents areaccessible to all employees from the EHSS intranet site.

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At KU, we want your time at campus to be a rewarding and safe educational experience. We want to make sure everyone on campus is secure and safe at all times.

Emergencies can occur at any time and can arise from a number of causes including fire, chemical spills, gas leaks, medical emergencies and physical threats. The University has in place a number of procedures to respond to emergency situations that might arise. The KU Emergency Response plan will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay safe.

Security Services Rapid Response

KU Security guards is your first contact point for any incident or emergency on each campus. They will coordinate any emergency response 24/7.

Rapid response is generally initiated when Security Services is contacted by staff, students or visitors via:

  • a call to the emergency line 02 4018200
  • one of the Patrolling Security on the campus
  • alarm notification, e.g. fire alarm.

Responses are managed from the Security Services Control Room/ command room and overseen by the Emergency Response team (ERT).

 Emergency Notification System

An emergency or crisis situation can arise with very little warning and could seriously impact on your safety on campus. With this in mind KU provides an emergency notification system that operates via mobile phone SMS/text.

Staff and students are registered by default to receive an SMS alert when emergency situationsarise. Please note there will be an annual test of the system for quality assurance purposes.

Being a member of KU community, you are required to report any hazard, accident, near miss and dangerous occurrence to EHSS department using the respective forms.

EHS Office Location

Campus Details
Main Campus G Building, 3rd Floor, Room# G03018B
SAN campus Habshan Building, 2nd Floor, Room# 200
Masdar City Campus Building 1B, 3rd Floor, Lab 2

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