The Business Development (BD) unit at Khalifa University was set up in line with the KU strategic plan. As part of the KU drive for sustainability and revenue growth, the BD unit was set up as a means through which funds could be generated for the university, to supplement existing grant funding, with the overall goal of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the university.

The unit’s vision is to provide business solutions with two main core focus areas:

  • Increase KU revenue streams by establishing new revenue channels through new business opportunities and external partnerships.
  • Increase the overall efficiency of usage of current resources towards better business enhancements.

The Business Development unit facilitates a range of business services in areas such as : consultancy services, laboratory rental, sports facilities, and venue rental.

KU academic departments look to contribute to the community by providing necessary research/advisory services that helps the community to improve and provide solutions

Renting unused capacity of KU laboratories to educational institutes and other stakeholders

KU have many sports facilities that can host sports events and activities

The three located campuses gives KU good advantages to KU clients, newly built KU main campuses extension increased KU spaces offers unique spaces for the community members to host events

To contact the BD unit at Khalifa University please email us at Businessdevelopment@ku.ac.ae

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