Basic Petroleum Engineering for Non-Production Engineers

Basic Petroleum Engineering for Non-Production Engineers

Course Description

This course provides theoretical introduction to basic rock properties and their core-based measurements in the laboratory. Reservoir rock properties determined by conventional core analysis and special core analysis will be covered. It will be discussed how to obtain reliable core analysis data and the specific topics addressed include porosity and permeability, Darcy’s law and its applications/limitations, fluid saturations, wettability, capillary pressure, relative permeability, resistivity, compressibility and the effect of internal and external forces on rock physical properties.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the differences between special and routine core analysis
  • Identify basic petroleum reservoir rock properties and explain their importance in the production of petroleum fluids
  • Know how porosity and permeability are used in reservoir calculations and oil production process through Darcy’s law
  • Understand Darcy’s Law and understand how it can be used in fluid flow calculations: under steady-state, single-phase flow conditions
  • Know and understand the reservoir rock multiphase properties of rock wettability and capillary pressure and relative permeability
  • Know reservoir rock resistivity and its use 
  • Know and understand rock compressibility and the effect of stress on rock properties

Course Outline:

Day Topics/Activities Material Assignments/Assessments
1 Introduction to Physical Properties of Rocks Presentation Slides Class Work/Pre-Exam
2 Porosity and Saturation Presentation Slides Class Work
3 Permeability and Darcy’s Law Presentation Slides Class Work
4 Rock Wettability, Resistivity, and Compressibility Presentation Slides Class Work
5 Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure  Presentation Slides Class Work/Post-Exam


Targeted Audience:

The course will be delivered in the form of lectures using PowerPoint. Lecture materials will be given to trainees. There will be hands on practice/calculations during the solving sessions.

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