The aim of the Khalifa University Alumni Association is to provide a point of contact between former students and the University through social and professional networking. Khalifa University is proud of its graduates as they stand as testament of the achievements made to date.

With the growth of the University in an increasingly competitive environment, it is now essential for Khalifa University to operate a comprehensive, well coordinated Alumni Association. It is our wish that graduates of Khalifa University play an active role in the ongoing life of the University and that a strong, lifelong relationship of mutual benefit is sustained between the University and its alumni.

The University would like to engage as many graduates as possible in the successful establishment of its Alumni Association.

The Alumni Office at Khalifa University was established to enhance the relationship between the university and its alumni. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive support and services for all Khalifa University alumni, such as training opportunities, employment opportunities, outreach programs and more.

We are also dedicated to assisting the association with the planning and implementation of events, development and training programs and other activities. The Alumni office will also serve to provide a liaison between alumni and the larger community.

  • Chair: Omar Al Muzakki (Graduate from year 1994)

    Omar Omar Al Muzakki is the Vice President for Enterprise Sales (Local Government and Education) at Etisalat, the UAE’s first telecom provider. His responsibilities include handling prime accounts for local governments, VIP’s and the educatio|?n sector in the Northern Emirates.  His hobbies include playing football with close friends and exploring the world through traveling. Omar aims to build the association to make it one of the best in the region.
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Khalid Al Mifdaa (Graduate from year 1995)

    Dr. Khalid Al Midfaa is currently the Director General of Sharjah Media Corporation, which encompass the TV and Radio  channels of Sharjah. He is responsible of the corporation’s service across all platforms Television, Radio and Digital and also acts as  spokesperson for the Corporation.
  • Administrative Director: Abdullah Al Jaziri (Graduate from year 1998)

    Abdullah Al Jaziri is the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Enterprise Risk Management at Etisalat, the UAE’s first telecom provider. His responsibilities include handling the Company’s Risk Management strategy, Business Continuity and Crisis Management. Abdullah is also a member of the Executive Committee for the National Trusted Service Manager (NTSM), which is one of initiatives under the UAE Smart Government and closely involved with the Executive Office of Dubai in the Dubai Smart City initiative. Abdullah believes that the association should be a bridge between the alumni and the University and that the association will enable the university to benefit  from the experience of the alumni who are a source of knowledge for both staff and current students.
  • Assistant Executive Secretary: Khaled Al Hammadi (Graduate from year 2003)

    Khaled Al Hammadi is a Senior Manager for Customer Service Engineering Budgeting and Reporting at Etisalat, the UAE’s first telecom provider. He is responsible for the management and budgeting of all assigned projects and operations under the Customer Service Engineering department. Khaled hopes for the Association to engage all alumni in various activities to share knowledge and experience and bridge the gap between Khalifa University students and the alumni body.

  • Assistant Executive Secretary: Ebrahim Al AlKeem (Graduate from year 2006)

    Ebrahim Al Alkeem is the Governance expert at Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre. His responsibilities include managing, developing and executing an information security strategy for Abu Dhabi Governments, identifying new ways to improve future information security performance. Ebrahim aims to utilize the association to educate students about the importance of higher education, enhance communication between the students alumni body through different activities and assist in providing graduates with opportunities in different companies and establishments.

Khalifa University offers its alumni a number of benefits. For example:

  • Help each other through professional networking and friendship
  • Engage in programs and activities such as reunions, lectures, volunteering
  • Use the University as a learning, research and information facility
  • Stay informed and maintain close relations with the University community
  • Assist students in the educational process by mentoring and lecturing
  • Offer career guidance, internships, job opportunities to other graduates and students
  • Bridge the gap between industry and education
  • Showcase the strengths of the University through their acquired professional skills
  • Champion the University and help direct and encourage future generations to enroll
  • Help fundraise and sponsor initiatives
  • Advance the cause of developments in the UAE

Office of Alumni Relations

Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, PO Box 127788

Tel: 02 401 8029

Fax: 02 447 2442


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