Minor in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Minor in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Minor in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are high-tech intelligent machines capable of traveling by air, land or sea without a human crew onboard, and are gaining increasing popularity and strategic significance worldwide. Powered with advanced computing technology, sensing capability and mechanical design, unmanned aerial vehicles are versatile machines able to maneuver in diverse, and dangerous environments. Equipped with sensors, a UAV could go into the heart of a storm or a spreading wildfire to monitor threats to human lives and property or travel through remote areas to gather environmental data.

The future development of UAV is an essential pillar to safety, security and sustainability, which are both highlights of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 strategy. The demand for expertise in this field requires highly educated individuals who understand the fundamentals of UAV in terms of design, engineering, operation and sensor data analysis. To this end, the objective of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology’s Minor in UAV is to provide students with skills and experiences that will help them better apply the knowledge gained in their majors to specialized problems in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


During the course of this minor students will design, construct and test UAV systems. Topics covered will include platform design and construction, actuator and propulsion system design, sensing system design, auto-pilot system design and performance tuning, ground control station development, and UAV operation and interfacing.

Students will learn the theory and practice of modelling and controlling UAV systems, including the first-principles modelling and simulation of fixed-wing and rotorcraft UAVs, flight dynamics modelling via system identification, on-board flight control system design, and control performance tuning of the auto-pilot system. Students will also cover advanced topics on navigation systems for UAVs based and advanced sensing, including trajectory planning, path planning, obstacle avoidance, and localization and mapping algorithms.

The UAV Minor is currently restricted to UAE Nationals. The students should check with the registration office to find out if they are eligible to enrol in this minor.

Minor Requirements

Students must take all six courses (Total 18 credits):

Course Code Course Name Credits
AERO301 System Dynamics & Control or (AERO/MEEN201 and (AERO/MEEN350 or ECCE323)) 3 cr.
AERO302 Signals and Communications or (ECCE302 and (ECCE356 or ECCE360) 3 cr.
AERO401 UAV Modeling and Control 3 cr.
AERO402 UAV Sensing 3 cr.
AERO403 UAV Navigation 3 cr.
AERO404 UAV Systems 3 cr.



Students majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering are not allowed to take this course, rather they must take the combination AERO/MEEN201 and AERO/MEEN350


Students majoring in Electrical, Electrical and Electronic, Communication, or Computer Engineering are not allowed to take this course, rather they must take the combination ECCE302 and ECCE356 or ECCE360.

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