The MSc in Petroleum Geosciences is a research intensive program at an internationally recognized center of excellence in education and research in petroleum geology and geophysics. Upon completion of the MSc in Petroleum Geosciences, graduates will be able to apply knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, and geophysics to formulate solutions to various geoscience problems.

The Department of Earth Sciences’ goals of its MSc program are  to provide graduates with an outstanding education and the research skills required to further their careers and to prepare graduates for further education in PhD programs. Upon completion of the Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences graduate program, graduates will:

  • be able to successfully apply advanced and current concepts and methods of the geosciences to formulate and solve complex petroleum geosciences problems;
  • be able to plan and complete a research project within a reasonable time frame by integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines of the petroleum geosciences and using appropriately selected research methods;
  • demonstrate an ability to communicate complex scientific problems in oral and written forms in English appropriate to the petroleum and broad energy industry;
  • demonstrate self-direction and time management when working independently;
  • work effectively and professionally in multidisciplinary teams, as a member and a leader
  • be able to manage and analyze complex ethical issues
  • raise the overall educational environment of the UAE through publication of scholarly work

Students entering the Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences are required to take a minimum of 22 credit hours of technical coursework (including 8 credit hours of electives), 1 credit hour of Technical and Scientific Writing, and 12 credit hours of thesis research. The program of study is selected by the student in consultation with his/her advisor(s). In addition, students must complete and successfully defend a Master of Science thesis.

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Study Plan