Minor in Artificial Intelligence

Minor in Artificial Intelligence

The Minor in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed for non-Computer Engineering and non-Computer Science majors. It is open to all other engineering and science majors.

 Program Goal.

The goal of the Minor in AI program is to provide students with the needed AI knowledge and related skills to serve the UAE government agencies and industry in various engineering and science disciplines.

 Student Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to design, implement, and evaluate AI-based solutions to meet a given set of engineering and computing requirements.
  • Ability to use techniques, skills, and tools necessary for AI-based solutions.

Program Requirements

The Minor in AI consists of 18 credit hours distributed as follows: 7 credits of Background courses; 6 credits of Core courses; 3 credits of an AI Elective course; and 2 credits of AI project.

  • Background Courses

    ECCE 230 Object Oriented Programming (or equivalent) 4
    ECCE 342 Data Structures and Algorithms (or equivalent) 3

  • Core Courses

    COSC 330 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3
    COSC 434 Introduction to Machine Leaning 3

  • AI Elective courses (Choose one)

    COSC 430 Data Analytics 3
    COSC 432 Algorithmic Robotics 3
    COSC 464 Natural Language Processing 3
    COSC 460 Bioinformatics and Genomic Data Science 3
    ECCE 456 Image Processing and Analysis 3

  • AI Project

    COSC 496 Artificial Intelligence Project 2