Gary Miller

Gary Miller

Gary Miller
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
+971 (0)2 6075620

Dr. Gary Miller obtained his MSc in Mathematics from Queen’s University Canada in 1990 after special admission to the graduate program. A series of entrance exams administered by Trent University determined that his personal study was more than equivalent to an undergraduate degree. He also holds a diploma in Tertiary Education from the University of New Brunswick.

Dr. Miller earned his Masters’ degree in one year and was given a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council grant from the Canadian government to fund his doctoral studies at the University of New Brunswick, where he earned his PhD in 1994, focused on operators and special functions.

Prior to his academic work Dr. Miller worked in radio and television broadcasting. He won the Canadian National Competition for Directorship (Mathematical) of the Shad Valley Academic/Entrepreneurial Program for Gifted High School Students
He has taught in Canada, the US, Saudi Arabia, (7 years), and the UAE (13years). In Saudi Arabia he taught and supervised two graduate students at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. He also taught graduate courses at the Women’s college is Dammam, KSA.

Dr. Miller was the entire mathematics department at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon, USA, where he was responsible for the mathematics component in the accreditation of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree granted by that institution.

He was given the “Teacher of the Year” award at the Petroleum Institute, where he has served on the Promotion and Curriculum Committees, among others, and has given seminar presentations twice yearly since 2004.

  • Foundation level classes; all undergraduate courses for mathematics majors; and graduate courses including multilinear algebra, hydrodynamics, mechanical engineering methods.

Research projects:

  • RIFP-funded “Student Anxiety Triggers, a Factor Analysis”
  • Spread sheet interactive presentations of at least ten basic undergraduate considerations
  • Multilinear algebra, symmetry methods, Lagrangian/Finsler geometry (variational methods)


  • Miller GR: Shift Operators and Fractional Calculus.  Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis  1(3): 279-296, 1993
  • Miller GR: Multilinear Arcana and the Clifford Algebra Connection.  Applied Clifford Algebra  3(1):29-38,1993
  • Miller GR, Gair R: Critical Thinking.  The Teaching Voice. 1994
  • Miller GR, Thaheem AB:  Derivatives of Matrix Order.  Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences 3(1):21-36, 1997
  • Miller GR: The Determinant of a Spiral.  Mathematics Magazine 71(1):71-72, 1998
  • Boumenir A, Miller GR: Transmutation of Orthogonal Polynomials.  Applicable Analysis 78(3):405-414, 2001
  • Miller GR: Generating Functions and the Recovery of Analytic Potentials.  International Journal of Differential Equations  6(1)69-76,2002
  • Miller GR: A note on a natural correspondence of a determinant and Pfaffian. Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, (7)1, 2016
    To appear: Miller GR.Generating the associated Legendre polynomials


  • Topics in Determinants and Multilinear Algebra, KFUPM lecture notes, (1999)


  • Miller GR: A Deeper Look at Elementary Differential Equations, integrating factors and symmetry methods, (in press, September 2017 release expected)

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