Mr. Mimoun Kissami

Mr. Mimoun Kissami

Mimoune holds a master degree in Petroleum Engineering from the King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. Throughout his service at KFUPM, He was actively involved in research projects and service work funded by Saudi ARAMCO and other major oil and service companies operating in the region. These companies include: Bahrain National Oil Company-BANOCO- and Arab Oil Company- AOC-. Mimoune has been a key team member and leader of various routine and special core analysis tasks related to reservoir conditions, Petrophysics, fluid properties, well logging, capillary pressure (drainage and imbibition), core flooding and relative permeability, sand consolidation, wettability and multiple salinity tests.

At the PI, Petroleum Engineering Department he is in charge of the fluid properties laboratory and his responsibilities include instructing of the lab session, designing and supervising the lab experiments, checking and grading the lab reports and developing the PVT laboratory. In general he takes care of all the activities going on in the PVT laboratory and follows all the HSE rules.

  • BSc. in Petroleum Engineering, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1986
  • MSc. in Petroleum Engineering K. F. University of Pet. & Min., Saudi Arabia 1990
  • Reservoir Fluid Properties Laboratory
  • Overview of the Petroleum Industry
  • Introduction to Engineering in the Petroleum Industry
  • Petroleum Engineering Design Project
  • High Pressure High Temperature Resistivity-Capillary Pressure Measurements.
  • PVT Studies.
  • Wettability
  • Core Flooding
  • Hasan S. Al-Hashim, Mimoune Kissami and Hasan Y. Al-Yousef, “Effect of Multiple Hydraulic Fracture on Gas-Well Performance,” JPT (June 1993), pp. 558-563.
  • Mehmet Melih Oskay, Omer Ahmet Orcan and Mimoune Kissami, “Determination of Formation Resistivity Factors Using Step increases of Temperature,” JPSE, 8 (1993), pp. 333-335.
  • Salih Saner, Maclean Amabeoku and Mimoune Kissami , “Formation Resistivity Response to Loading and Unloading Confining Pressure”, JPSE 16(1996) 169-179.
  • Salih Saner, Mimoune Kissami and Subhi Al-Nufaili. “Estimation of Permeability from Well Logs Using Resistivity and Saturation Data”, SPE Formation Evaluation, March 1997, pp. 27-31.
  •  John M. Williams & Mimoune Kissami (2010): “Design and Operation of Fluid Laboratories for Maximum Engagement of Students in HSE issues”; Paper SPE 133825-PP, prepared for presentation at the SPE Middle East Health, Security, and environment Conference and Exhibition held in Manama, Bahrain, 4-6 October 2010

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