Dr. Hadi A. Belhaj

Dr. Hadi A. Belhaj

Associate Professor, Department ofPetroleum Engineering
Ruwais Building, Room 3112,
The Petroleum Institute, Khalifa University of Science & Technology
P.O. Box 2533,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Office: +971 2 607 5589
Fax:  +971 2 607 5589
Email: hadi.belhaj@ku.ac.ae


Dr. Belhaj CV


Dr. Hadi A. Belhaj is a Petroleum Engineering Faculty Member of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology teaching varieties of petroleum engineering courses; from Reservoir Engineering to Reservoir Characterization & Modeling to Workover & Well Completion to Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis to Characterization & Modeling of Unconventional Reservoirs. Dr. Belhaj has over 35 years of combined petroleum industrial and academic experiences with key qualifications in reservoir engineering, simulation/modeling of fractured reservoirs, drilling engineering, well completion, sand production control technology, petroleum economics & risk analysis and characterization & modeling of unconventional reservoirs. Geographically, his experience is spread over North America, Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.


Dr. Belhaj is a member of several professional societies and organizations. He is a continuously active officer and member of the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) since 1980. Dr. Belhaj is the 2013 winner of the SPE Regional Distinguished Achievement for Petroleum Engineering Faculty Award, and the 2019 winner of the Regional Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award. During the past two decades, Dr. Belhaj has contributed a number of consortium research proposals dealt with petroleum engineering and energy exploitation challenging issues. This effort generated more than $25 Million of research grants. Dr. Belhaj has presented over 100 guest speaker lectures, seminars and workshops for both industry and academia covering different aspects of petroleum engineering. Dr. Belhaj published over 100 journal and conference proceedings articles. Throughout the last two decades, Dr. Belhaj provided petroleum engineering consultations and industrial training to many international oil companies around the globe. Among the beneficent; KOC-Kuwait, NWD-Libya, PETRONAS-Malaysia, ADCO-UAE, Vietnam National Petroleum-Vietnam, Vineland Co.-Canada, ONGC-India, PRAXIS-Dubai, GAIL-India, and ADNOC-UAE.

  • Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada (2001-2004)
  • M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada (1986-1990)
  • B.Sc Petroleum Engineering, University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya (1977-1982)

Academic Courses Taught:

  • Reservoir Engineering-I
  • Reservoir Engineering-II
  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Characterization & Modeling of Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Well Completion & Workover
  • Petroleum Economics Project
  • Advanced Petroleum Economics
  • Uncertainty & Risk Analysis in the Petroleum Industry
  • Petroleum Gas Engineering
  • Fluid Flow in Porous Media
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Introduction to Petroleum Economics

Industrial Courses & Workshops Taught:

  • Onboarding Course
  • Uncertainty, Risk Analysis and Decision Making in the Petroleum Industry
  • Water Shut Off
  • Joystick Touch Screen Cyber Rigs Simulator Training
  • Offshore Drilling Masterclass
  • CAMS – Basic Petroleum Engineering
  • Offshore Drilling Masterclass
  • High Pressure – High Temperature Well Testing and Completion
  • Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation and Exploration Economics
  • Reservoir Engineering and Characterization
  • Petroleum Economics, Risk Analysis and Decision Analysis in Petroleum Exploration, Production and Development Business
  • Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation and Exploration Economics
  • Reservoir Management
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery: Theory and Applications
  • Waterflood Management
  • Intro to Petroleum Engineering
  • Intro to Oil & Gas
  • Reservoir Engineering and Simulation
  • Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
  • Unconventional Reservoirs Modeling
  • Well Completion, Workover and Stimulations
  • Nano Scale/Nano Particles Applications in the Petroleum Industry
  • Petroleum Economics, Risk analysis and Decision Analysis
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