The Petroleum Engineering department aims to become a leading international center of excellence in education, training, research and professional service dedicated to serving the competence, training and technology development needs of the petroleum industry in general, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and other allied sponsors in particular. Our mission is to provide a platform for life-long learning while also emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary approach, ethical conduct, and health, safety and environmental issues.

Career Specializations

The major arears of specialization in Petroleum Engineering students to develop their career are:

  • Drilling Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Surface Facility Engineering
Employment Opportunities in Industry

Graduates of Petroleum Engineering have huge opportunities of job placement with secure employment in the energy sector both in National and Independent Oil companies, oil and gas service companies. These include but not limited to the following:

  • ADNOC and its several subsidiaries
  • Schlumberger
  • GE-Baker-Hughes
  • Weatherford
  • MI-Swaco
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Academic Faculty

Dr. Mohamed Sassi Professor & Acting Department Chair, Petroleum Engineering
Dr. Waleed Salem Karama Alameri Associate Professor & Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs & Outreach



Graduate Students

Mohammed AlDhuhoori Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Sameer Al-Hajri Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Fatima Alhameli Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Faisal Saeed Aljaberi Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Omar Mohamad Chaabi Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Waleed Diab Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Ramanzani Kalule Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Sikandar Kumar Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Chuangchuang Qi Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Mursal Vagif Zeynalli Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Anoo Sebastian Maprayil Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Johny Mouallem Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Bibqiao Wang Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Haiyang Zhang Graduate Student, PHD ENGR
Abdelateef Mohammed Abdelrhman Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Mahmoud Sami Aboushanab Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Batool Ramadan Ali Alwerfalli Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Reem Saeed Salem Saeed Alyaqoubi Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Aaron Guadaulupe G. Tellez Arellano Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Mohamed Ayman Elbary Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Ravan Azad Farmanov Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Andreas Fernández Moncada Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Alvaro Francisco Morales Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Anisa Purwanto Nugrahaningtyas Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Mohsen Osman Osman Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG
Amaar Imdad Siyal Graduate Student, M.SC PEEG

Research activities of Petroleum Engineering Department have always been at a very high level due to the strong boost and continuous support received from ADNOC and other International Oil Companies as well as by Oil Service Companies who provide access to their state of the art software packages. New faculty receive a Start-Up Fund to help them kick start their intended research work while existing faculty receive funding for their research after approval of  their proposals.  All the research was funded in the past by the ADNOC Oil Subcommittee and in the last 7 years or so, nearly AED 50 million research fund has been made available. Significant external networking with various high level research centers around the world is continuously sought. Currently research funding is sought after internal competitive funds as well as from external funding agencies, in the country, the region and around the world.

Research emphasis has been in the following area: