Department of Nuclear Engineering

Department of Nuclear Engineering

The mission of the Nuclear Engineering Department at Khalifa University is to innovate in nuclear engineering research and education to achieve the following measureable goals:

  • To provide graduates with deep knowledge and specialization in nuclear engineering
  • To enable graduates to relate nuclear engineering theory to practice
  • To equip graduates with design, problem solving, and research skills in nuclear engineering
  • To prepare graduates for careers as nuclear engineering professionals
  • To encourage graduates to pursue self-learning and personal development experiences
  • To produce graduates who will be able to contribute substantially to academia, industry, and the community

The Department of Nuclear Engineering does not currently offer an undergraduate degree but students may choose the minor of nuclear engineering in many of the undergraduate degrees on offer at the Khalifa University of Science and Technology; although a minor in Nuclear Engineering is currently restricted to sponsored students from specific agencies. Interested students should check with the Registration Office to find out if they are eligible to enroll in this minor.

Minor in Nuclear Engineering (Undergraduate)

The Minor in Nuclear Engineering is designed to provide undergraduate students from other appropriate engineering programs (mechanical, electrical, chemical etc.) with the fundamentals of nuclear physics and engineering theory and practice, necessary to equip them with a sound understanding of the nuclear engineering that underpins a nuclear energy program.

M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering

The M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering program was established to support the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program. Education in Nuclear Engineering is of paramount importance for the safe construction, operation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning of nuclear reactors. The program is equivalent to 36 credit-hours, and eligible students include those who have completed undergraduate degrees in Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, or Mathematics.

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Nuclear Engineering



Dr. Philip Beeley

Professor of Practice and Chair

Dr. Yacine Addad

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Dr. Saeed Alameri

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahmed Al Kaabi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Manish Sharma

Assistant Professor

Prof. Youssef Shatilla


Dr. Yongsun Yi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ho Joon Yoon

Assistant Professor


Dr. Hyun Gook Kang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yoichiro Shimazu

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Akihide Hidaka

Adjunct Professor


Mr. Pyungyeon Cho

Laboratory Engineer

Nuclear Engineering Research Groups (NERG)

The Nuclear Engineering Program has been established to support the UAE’s nuclear energy program, which will deliver four APR 1400 PWR reactors for the country’s future energy needs. Besides the nuclear engineering academic programs, the Department has five active research clusters covering the broad areas of:

  • Nuclear Instrumentation and Control (NICL)
  • Nuclear Materials Science (NMSG)
  • Reactor Design and Analysis (RDAG)
  • Nuclear Environmental and Waste Management (NEWMG)
  • Nuclear Safeguards and Security (NSSG)

These research groups and their associated research areas have been formulated in consultation with our key stakeholders, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR). The links below outline the activities of each group, list their current resources and identify the Principal Investigators (PIs) and associated research faculty and staff. The annual research report of the Department is available on request through the Nuclear Engineering Program Chair, Dr. Philip Beely.

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