Dr. Md. Islam

Dr. Md. Islam

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Office: +971 (0)2 607 5230
Email: didarul.islam@ku.ac.ae


Dr. Md. Islam is currently an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University of Science and Technology. Before his current appointment, he worked as an assistant /associate professor at the Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi. He also worked as a lecturer and assistant professor at the Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, a premier national engineering university of Bangladesh. His main research interest is in the area of Energy and Heat  transfer enhancement, Extended surfaces, Vortex generators,  flow measurements and visualization,  Fouling of heat exchangers in oil and gas industry, CSP technologies,  Solar Desalination Technologies etc. Dr. Islam received  ADNOC 2012 R&D Wisdom Book Award, Japan Govt. scholarship (Monbukagakusho) Award and Heiwa Nakajima Foundation (HNF), Tokyo, Japan Scholarship Award. He was the organizing committee member of the Second International ENERGY 2030 Conference, Abu Dhabi, and chaired sessions of GT India ASME 2019 Gas Turbine India Conference, ICOPE-2013, China, ADRAC R&D  2013 Conference, Abu Dhabi, HEFAT 2016, Spain. He is the current member of ASME, IEB and the past member of ASHRAE & JSME..


Advisor to the following students & staffs:

MSc Students:

  • Chong Zhai
  • Arif Nurizki
  • Liang Guangda
  • Yunbu Xu

Visiting Graduate and undergraduate students:

  • Ismail Farouq Fahmi Darawsheh, Petroleum Institute, Visiting Graduate research student, 2017
  • Junaid Bin Masood, from GIK Institute, Pakistan, Visiting Graduate research student, 2017
  • Siddhartha Vasireddy, from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bhubaneswar, India, undergraduate summer intern, 2015.
  • Sunho Lee, from University of Waterloo, Canada, undergraduate summer research student, 2014.
  • Daniel Kim, from University of Waterloo, Canada, undergraduate summer research student, 2014.
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of the Ryukyus, Japan(2007).
  • MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of the Ryukyus, Japan(2004).
  • BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (1997).
  • MEEN 343 Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 335 Fluid Mechanics
  • MEEN 441 Applied Thermodynamics
  • MEEN 630 – Advanced Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 742 Advanced Convection  Heat Transfer

Research Topics:

  • Heat transfer enhancement with Vortex generators
  • Foulings on heat exchangers
  • Cross-flow induced vibrations of heat exchanger tubes
  • Solar desalination technologies
  • Biofuel from waste products

Recent Research Projects

  • “Study of external formation patterns and prevention of select process fin fan heat exchangers”(Sponsor:Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, ADNOC, approved amount: $322,000,  co-Principal Investigator).

This is an ongoing project with ADNOC to study the fouling of heat exchangers problems of oil & gas processing plant in the dessert. Fouling is a complex phenomena. Here, we focus on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the parameters governing wet and dry particulate foulings, particulate concentration, properties of particulates, fin tube geometry and how foulings affect heat exchanger performance.

  • “Solar Energy Applications to ADNOC Facilities”, (Sponsor:Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, ADNOC, approved amount: $400,000, Post Doctoral researcher)

In this project, we studied  the development of an advanced Stirling engine for solar energy system application in ADNOC facilities. The engine (1 kW output model) has several special features incorporated in the design and provides a cost effective, high performance, and reliable power converter for a concentrated modular solar thermal system. Performance tests are carried out with the use of propane gas initially and then the engine is integrated with a Fresnel lens solar collector as a total solar thermal system.

On Sun Test of  of 1 kW Advanced Stirling Engine  Generator

  • “Develop test facility and Performance Test of a Solar Powered Multistage Flash Desalination Plant” (Sponsor: Petroleum Institute Research Initiation Funding Program, RIFP, Principal Investigator)

In this project, flat plate solar collectors were integrated with multistage vacuum chambers and operated a solar multi stage flash (MSF)  desalination facility. An experimental parametric study has been carried out that leads to optimum process performance and cost effective desalination technology.

  • “Application of the Microchannel for the heat pipe of Stirling Engine Generator”, (Sponsor: Petroleum Institute Research Initiation Funding Program, RIFP, Principal Investigator)

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