Dr. Lyes Khezzar

Dr. Lyes Khezzar

Associate Chair and Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Office: +971 (0)2 607 5543
Email:  lyes.khezzar@ku.ac.ae


Professor Khezzar obtained a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (1st class honours) from Bradford University and an M.Sc. from UMIST in Manchester and a Ph.D. from Imperial College London.  He has a wide professional experience that spans both industry and academia.

He has participated in a variety of research and consultancy projects sponsored by major industrial bodies and government agencies from the UAE, UK, US, Oman and Algeria that span the fields of internal flows in equipment, combustors, turbomachines, gas and water distribution networks and fluid handling facilities.

His main research interest is in the area of application of computational fluid dynamics and laser based techniques to develop an understanding of flows of industrial relevance.  These include multiphase flows in separators and fluid handling equipment, liquid plunging jets, atomization of liquid impinging jets, convective heat transfer in impinging jets using RANS and LES modelling, modelling of convective heat transfer of non-Newtonian, inelastic and viscoelastic flows in ducts and their heat transfer augmentation properties.

He is a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a member of ASME and a registered Chartered Engineer


Advisor to the following students & staff:


  • Ayesha Almheiri (Advisor)
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London (1987)
  • DIC, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London (1987)
  • MSc, Mechanical Engineering, UMIST (1983)
  • BEng, 1st Class Honours, Mech. Eng., University of Bardford (1982)
  • MEEN 200 Statics
  • MEEN 240 Thermodynamics
  • MEEN 335 Fluid Mechanics
  • MEEN 343 Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 446 Internal Combustion Engines
  • MEEN 605 Continuum Mechanics
  • MEEN 604 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • MEEN 613 Advanced Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 742 Advanced Convection Heat Transfer

Research Topics:

  • Swirling flows for phase separation
  • Liquid jet atomization
  • CFD of impinging jets

Recent Research Projects

  • “Swirling flows for liquid-gas separation” (Sponsor Abu Dhabi On shore Company, CO-PI)

Part of this project consisted in obtaining flowfield information inside a pilot separation duct of a swirl prototype separator developed by FRAMES.  LDV was used to obtain the velocity information and LES for numerical simulation.

  • “Impinging Liquid Jet Atomization” (internally sponsored project)

Phase Doppler Anemometry and high speed photography were used to obtain the atomization characteristics of several liquid-impinging jets interactiong with an air stream.

  • “Plunging Jets” (internally sponsored project, PI)

PIV and High speed photography together with Large Eddy Simulation to investigate the transient liquid jet jet plunging and air entrainement mechanisms into a liquid pool.

  • “CFD of Production Separators” (Sponsored by Abu Dhabi On Shore Company, PI)

CFD was used to evaluate internals retrofitting on the performance of horizontal separators

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