Dr. Daniel Choi

Dr. Daniel Choi

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Office:+971 2 810 9243
Email: daniel.choi@ku.ac.ae


Dr. Daniel Choi received B.S. from Seoul National University (South Korea) and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in US. He was a staff member at the Aerospace Corporation (1996-1999)-US Federal Funded Research and Development Corporation and a task manager at JPL/NASA (1999-2007) in US, leading a number of space-related projects including Mars Missions such as Phoenix. He was a recipient of JPL Spot Award (2005). During his career in US, he has led a number of the projects sponsored by DARPA, AFOSR, DOE, NASA, Amy Lab, NSF, NIH, etc. He was director of the Materials Engineering program at University of Idaho in US (2007-2013). He was Founding Department Head of the Mechanical and Materials Engineering (2013-2016) and Founding Space Program Management (2015-2016) at Khalifa University of Science and Technology. Currently, he serves as Director of Khalifa University-KAIST (South Korea) Joint Research Center and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on energy storage devices (batteries and capacitors) and inertial sensors (MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers) for space applications.

Advisor to the following students & staff:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Research Engineer

  • Ru Li
  • Amarsingh Bhabu Kanagaraj
  • Prerna Chaturvedi
  • Dima Ali

PhD Students

  • Inas Taha
  • Amani Al Hammadi
  • Mariam Al Mansoori (Part-time)

MSc Students

  • Muneera Al-shaibah
  • Hamda Al Shibli
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), USA (2000)
  • MS, Materials Science & Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), USA (1992)
  • BS, Metallurgical Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea (1988)
  • MEEG 493 Nanotechnology: Nanomaterials and Applications
  • MSEN 710 Advanced Solid State Physics
  • MSEN 624 Thermophysical Properties and Radiative Processes in Materials
  • MSEN 612 Physics for Solid State Applications
  • SSC 601 Introduction to Spacecraft Systems & Technology

Research Topics

  • Novel materials and devices for energy storage applications (Li-ion battery, capacitor)
  • 3D Printing technology for sensor applications
  • 2D Nanomaterials (Graphene and other 2D materials) and other carbon allotropes for nanoelectronics
  • Nanocomposites as Radar Absorbing Materials for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications
  • MEMS inertial sensors (gyroscope/accelerometer)

Recent Research Projects

  • “High performance and robust lithium-ion battery for space applications” (Sponsor:  UAE Space Agency, 2016-2020, Principal Investigator)

Development of cost-effective, scalable, and novel nanostructured LiFePO4 cathode electrodes for lithium-ion batteries for space applications. This project will produce a fully developed battery that will be evaluated under space simulated environment.


  • “Development of novel MEMS gyroscope and magnetometer for miniaturized space attitude Control system” (Sponsors: UAE Space Agency, 2017-2020, Principal Investigator)

Development of innovative, affordable, miniature, low-power, navigation-grade integrated gyroscope and magnetometer for the attitude control system that applies MEMS technology to achieve the performance, size, power, sensitivity and cost-effective for space and other commercial applications.


  • “Smart particle sensors for refinery catalytic bed reactions” (Sponsor: ADNOC Refining Center, 2017-2019, Co-Principal Investigator)

Development of multifunctional, Smart Sensor Particle to be used in aggressive environment such as refinery reactors. It consists of different sensors (pressure, temperature, inertial measurement unit) based on GaN technology.


  • “Development of joint multi-disciplinary graduate academic space program between Yahsat, Masdar Institute (Khalifa University) and Orbital ATK (Sponsor: Yahsat, 2015-2019, Co-Principal Investigator)

Development of Space Concentration Education program with Yahsat (Abu Dhabi’s Satellite Manufacturer) and Orbital ATK (Space business in US). The concentration was developed to foster the advanced research areas in space science and technology needed to support the UAE national space program and space-related industries with human resources, technical advancements and infrastructure.


  • “Innovative microwave absorption 3D meta-materials based on nanocomposite films Biofuel energy Conversion through Electrostatics” (Sponsor: Khalifa University/CIRA, 2019-2022, Principal Investigator)

Development of radar absorbing 3D meta-materials composed of ferrite multi-granular nanoclusters (MGNC)-carbon nanotubes/Graphene nanocomposites. In this project, a single layer or multilayer RAM is fabricated using carbon nanotube-based nanocomposites with magnetic nanoparticles.


Click HERE to access Dr. Daniel’s Elsevier publications

  1. F. Delodovici, D. Choi, M. Alfahim, L. Burchfiled and N. Manini, “Carbon sp chains in diamond nanocavities”, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 2019 (Accepted for publication).
  2. W. Syed, B. An, M. Al-shaibah, N. Saeed, W. Gill, S. Aldahmani, D. Choi, I. Elfadel, “Sensor Design Migration: The case of a vibrating ring gyroscope”, IEEE Sensors Journal 2019 (Accepted for publication).
  3. P. Chaturvedi, A. Kanagaraj, M. Alnahyan, H. Alshibli, A. Ashoor, S. Aldahmani and D. Choi, “Electrochemical and electrical properties of free-standing, flexible LTO electrode for Li ion batteries”, Current Applied Physics 2019 (Accepted for publication).
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