Dr. Afshin Goharzadeh

Dr. Afshin Goharzadeh

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ruwais Building, Room 3010-C
Office: +971 (0)2 607 5396

Email: afshin.goharzadeh@ku.ac.ae

Dr. Goharzadeh is an expert in experimental fluid mechanics, graduated from the University of Le Havre in France (2001). His Ph.D. subject was focused on the experimental characterization of Laminar-Turbulent transition in rotating fluids. After his Ph.D., he joined the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen (Germany) as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. His research interests are focused on experimental characterization of complex fluid flow such as multiphase flows, fluid-porous interactions and recently in asphaltene deposition in microfluidic models. He is actively involved in the development of modern Fluid Mechanics Laboratories within the Mechanical Engineering department in KU laboratories based on both (i) micro-fabrication of transparent micro-models and (ii) state-of-the-art flow visualization techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (Standard and Micro-PIV), Laser Doppler Velocimmetry (LDV), High Speed Photography and Infrared Thermography.

  • D. Mechanical Engneering, University of Le Havre, France (2001)
  • E.A (M.Sc.) Aero-Thermo-Chemistry, University of Rouen, France (1998)
  • B.Sc. Applied Physics, University of Le Havre, France (1997)
  • MEEN 240 Thermodynamics
  • MEEN 335 Fluid Mechanics
  • MEEN 343 Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 435 Turbomachinery
  • MEEN 497/498 Senior Design Projects I/II
  • MEEN 604 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • MEEN 613 Advanced Heat Transfer
  • MEEN 615 Multiphase Flow Engineering
  • MEEN 620 Measurements and Instrumentation

Research Topics

  • Laser-based flow diagnostics
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Flow in Porous Media
  • Microfluidics
  • Fluid Instabilities

Recent Research Projects

  • “Integrated Strategies for Online Monitoring, Prediction and Remediation of Asphaltene Deposition Problems” (Sponsor: ADNOC Oil-Subcommittee, Principal Investigator: Afshin Goharzadeh, 2014-2018)

The main objective is to develop an integrated approach for prediction of asphaltene deposition in wellbore, including establish fundamental understanding of asphaltene deposition mechanisms, enhancement of EOS-based simulation tools and dynamic integration with CFD model.

  • “Experimental and Numerical Studies on Flow through Porous Media and Capillary Systems” (Sponsor: ADNOC Oil-Subcommittee, Principal Investigator: Afshin Goharzadeh, 2013-2017)

In this project, a combined experimental and numerical approach is employed to investigate asphaltene deposition in porous media and capillaries. A novel total concentration approach is developed to capture the moving depositing front numerically during asphaltene deposition.

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