Dr. Abdallah Sofiane Berrouk

Dr. Abdallah Sofiane Berrouk

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ruwais Building, Room 3-008, Sas Al Nakhl Campus
Office: +971 2 607 5408
Fax: +971 2 607 5200
Email: abdallah.berrouk@ku.ac.ae


Dr Abdallah S. Berrouk was awarded a PhD degree from The University of Manchester (UK) in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and turbulence modelling. Before joining the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi (PI) in October 2008, he worked as Senior Research/Teaching Associate at City University of Hong Kong. He has twelve years of university lecturing experience.  He taught different courses in different departments both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  He has supervised one PhD student, five Masters students, two Research Lab Engineers and two Post-Doctoral Fellows. His domain of expertise covered: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Large Eddy Simulation, stochastic Modelling for Particle-laden Turbulent Flows, Aerosol Dispersion and Deposition Indoor and Computational Flow Modelling for Chemical Reactor Engineering. He has also developed expertise towards sour gas sweetening, heavy oil processing and Co2 capture using Higee technologies. He has been the leader of three industrial projects and co-principal investigator of other three industrial projects. Currently he is participating in the management of KU Research Centre on Catalysis and Separation as a theme leader.   During his academic career, he published two books, three book chapters and more than 100 papers on his ongoing research work in peer-reviewed international journals and conference proceedings. He is a recipient of many awards:  ADNOC R&D Bright Finding & Integration Research Pen Award for outstanding deliverables researchers (2013), ADNOC R&D General Management

Committee Award for outstanding technical support (2013 and 2014),   ADNOC R&D Book of Wisdom Award– Completed research Project Members (2014), and ADNOC R&D Science Lantern Faculty Award – Faculties who worked or supported ADNOC R&D Projects (2014).  He was member of the technical Committee of GASCO/ADGAS (local gas companies) Gas-Sub-Committee (2011-2015). He was member of ADNOC Task Force on Evaluating Rotatory Packed Bed Technology (2015). He has been member of ADIPEC Technical Committee for the “Gas Processing Technology” and “Talent & People” themes  since 2012. He has been a committee member of the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) Multidisciplinary Review Panel for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) since 2015. He is a reviewer for different scientific journals and editorial board member for the American Journal of Fluid Dynamics.

Advisor to the following students & staffs:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • Hui Zhao
  • Ravi Inder Singh

PhD Student

  • Fahad AlOtaibi
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Manchester,UK (2007)
  • MSc, Hydrocarbon Enterprise, Aberdeen University, UK (2003)
  • BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Boumerdes University, Algeria, (1995)

Research Topics

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Multiphase Turbulence Modelling
  • Chemical Reactor Modelling & Design

Recent Research Projects

  • “Proposed solutions for the new challenges facing GASCO existing and new Habshan gas plants: High H2S and CO2 concentrations and unconventional contaminants”. (Sponsor: Gas Research Centre (SHELL/TOTAL/PARTEX). Role: Project Leader. 2013-2016). The project objectives are to propose technical solutions for the new challenges facing GASCO Habshan existing and new gas plants in dealing with the highly sour natural gas. Indeed, challenges such as high H2S and CO2 concentrations and unconventional contaminants should be technically addressed and have their effects mitigated through a framework of  actions to improve GASCO gas sweetening operations.
  • “Discrete Particle modelling of Fluid Catalytic Cracking units”. (Sponsor: ADNOC Refining. Role: Project Leader. 2011-2014).  The project objectives are to Model fluid dynamics and heat transfer within fluidized catalytic cracking units present in refinery plants as well as pilot plant units used for catalyst screening and selection. The aim is to improve refinery plants’ components functioning using the developed numerical models for multiphase flows.
  • “Investigation of Rotating Packed Bed Technology for Solvent-based CO2 Capture Processes. (Sponsor: Khalifa University of Science and Technology. Role: Project Leader. 2019-2022). The project objectives are the Investigation of Rotating Packed Bed Technology for Solvent-based CO2 Capture Processes
  • “Steady and Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of Habshan NGL Plants”. (Sponsor: Gas Research Centre (SHELL/TOTAL/PARTEX). Role: Project Co-PI. 2017-2019). The project objectives are to Deliver a successful demonstration of the feasibility and benefits of gas-plant dynamic modelling, Deliver  fit-for-purpose steady state and dynamic models that can be used and maintained in-house by GASCO personnel for future studies, and) transfer relevant knowledge and skills for this type of activity to the GASCO
  • “Research Centre Type II: Separation & Catalyst”. (Sponsor: Khalifa University of Science and Technology. Role: Theme Leader. 2018-2022). RC Objectives are to Provide a multiscale integrated approach to solve scientific and engineering problems that spans across scales and disciplines, including (1) Catalysis for Energy and Chemicals, (2) Separation and Adsorption Applications and (3) Multiscale Modelling.

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