Dr. Toufic Mezher

Dr. Toufic Mezher

Professor and Associate Chair of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Toufic Mezher is a Professor of Engineering Systems and Management at Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KUST) since 2017. Before Joining KUST, he was a Professor of Engineering Systems and Management at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (2008-2016) and Professor of Engineering Management at the American University in Beirut from 1992 to 2007.  He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Florida, and a Master and ScD in Engineering Management from George Washington University in 1988 and 1992 respectively.  Energy Strategy and Policy; Technology Strategy, Entrepreneurship  and Innovation; Sustainable Development; Cybersecurity Policy; Business Analytics, Data Intelligence, and Knowledge Management; and Sustainable Construction.

Address: Abu Dhabi UAE

Telephone: +971-2-810 9160

Email: toufic.mezher@ku.ac.ae

  • BS in Civil Engineering from University of Florida, and a Master and ScD in Engineering Management from George Washington University in 1988 and 1992 respectively
  • ESMA607 Management & Entrepreneurship for Engineers
  • ESMA618 Management of Technology and Innovation
  • ESMA711 Technology Strategy
  • ESMA708 Sustainable Development: Theory and Policy
  • Research projects:
    • Analysis of the Existing Development Strategies in UAE from Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus Perspectives to Enhance the Policy Decision Making Process.
    • Building an Optimization Model for Water-Energy Nexus for the Abu Dhabi Emirate:  Economic & Environmental Perspectives.
    • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Market Analysis Potential for UAE
    • Using Data mining Techniques to Analyze Historical Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies and Policies in the IRENA/IEA Graph Database

    Research interests:

    Energy Strategy and Policy; Technology Strategy, Entrepreneurship  and Innovation; Sustainable Development; Cybersecurity Policy; Business Analytics, Data Intelligence, and Knowledge Management; and Sustainable Construction.


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 Refereed Journals

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Book Chapters:

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