Research Facilities

Research at Khalifa University takes place in several highly-specialized advanced laboratory facilities, such as –

This 350sqm cleanroom fabrication facility hosts several tools for deposition, growth, patterning and etching of advanced materials. The facility is used mainly by faculty and students interested in Microsystems research; however, it is open to all users provided they successfully complete the required training.

The Electron Microscopy facility hosts the most advanced set of electron microscopy equipment available in the UAE. The facility is open to those who have successfully completed required training. Facility users have access to advanced sample preparation facilities including microtome, polishing and ion milling systems.

The facility houses scanning electron microscopes (SEM), dualbeam SEM/focused ion beam (FIB) systems, and two transmission electron microscope (TEM). Analytical tools include electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), wavelength-dispersive spectroscopy (WDS), environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM), electron-beam lithography (EBL), heating tensile stage and cryo TEM stage.

The Materials Testing Laboratory provides a safe and well-resourced laboratory facility that meets the needs of Masdar Institute’s research community in the area of material sciences and characterization. The facility is open to trained and authorized users nine hours a day (9am-6pm), five days a week. We provide training to students, faculty, and other members of the Masdar Institute research community, on how to safely and effectively use sensitive equipment.

  • Solar Panel Testing Lab

This lab is part of a series of commercial photovoltaic (PV) testing installations implemented in collaboration with Masdar. The facility provides users with the ability to measure power produced by a PV module under standard test conditions and low irradiance using a HALM Flash Tester.

The Solar and Device Testing (SDT) Laboratory supports cutting-edge research in devices, materials and solar cells by the faculty, students and research engineers. The SDT lab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All users must be trained on the use of the equipment by facility staff before being authorized access to the equipment.

  • High Voltage and Dielectric Materials (HVDM) Research Laboratory

The high voltage and dielectric materials (HVDM) research laboratory addresses the challenges facing current and future electrical energy installations. Vital high-voltage equipment operates under increasingly challenging conditions, with the requirement to provide a reliable power supply at high efficiency to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and domestic loads. Additional environmental constraints on high-voltage outdoor insulations systems call for the development of new dielectric materials that are able to perform more efficiently under diverse climatic conditions. Research at the HVDM lab aims to understand these issues and provide informed solutions for future operation of electric power equipment in electrical power systems and industrial installations.

  • Power Electronic and Sustainable Energy (PEASE) Research Lab

PEASE research lab focuses on several areas of power electronics, more specifically, switched mode power conversion, multi-level converters, high power converters, electric drives, compact and efficient power supplies, power quality, digital control grid connected converters, HVDC systems, bulk power transmission, wireless power transfer, electric vehicles etc. The research lab facilities, including both hardware and software, covering a wide power range from mW to hundreds of kW.

  • Energy Systems, Control, and Optimization (ESCO) Lab

ESCO lab is fully equipped with the most advanced facilities to conduct simulation as well as experimental research in broad areas of energy and power systems. The research facility has several sub divisions namely Power System Analysis, Power System Protection, Real Time Digital Simulation, Smart-grid, Energy Storage System, Photovoltaic System, Fuel cell/Hydrogen, Electric Machines/VFDs, and Electric Vehicles. ESCO lab is well established with dedicated workspaces and several state-of-the-art equipment to help researchers in doing practice-oriented study in these fields. The facility is capable of testing large scale power systems using real time simulators and realistic grid conditions can be synthesized within the lab in a controlled environment with the help power amplifiers and grid emulators. Dedicated workbenches are provided for full functionality testing of PV/ solar systems, battery storage systems, fuel cells, and electric vehicle chargers up to several tens of kW of power. All the necessary software tools and hardware equipment are available for smart grids, SCADA, relay testing and many other areas.