Dr. Khalifa Al Hosani

Dr. Khalifa Al Hosani

Email: khalifa.halhosani@ku.ac.ae


After finishing Secondary school ranked 2nd among graduating UAE Nationals in June, 2000, Dr. Khalifa Al Hosani was granted a full scholarship as part of UAE Presidential Court’s Scholarship Program for distinguished Students. In 2005, He was the first UAE National ever to graduate from the prestigious University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree majoring in semiconductor nanoelectronics devices.


Dr. Khalifa’s was honored in 2005 by H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, for his high achievements during his B.S studies at Notre Dame. Dr. Khalifa is also a recipient of the prestigious Sheikh Rashid Award for Educational Excellence. During his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering studies, he worked on the topic of Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA) investigating the use of quantum dot and molecular systems to replace classical computation systems using CMOS technology.


His research interests span a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, nonlinear control, sliding mode control, control of power electronics, power system’s stability and control, renewable energy system’s modeling and control, smart gird, micro-grid, and distributed generation, application of control theory to oil and gas applications, quantum mechanical systems, and nuclear power reactor’s waste management and control.


In addition to his role as a Director of Internship and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Khalifa Al Hosani is active volunteer in other non-profit professional organization. He is a member of the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), UAE Society of Engineers, and American Nuclear Society (ANS).

  • Ph.D.Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University, USA
  • M.Sc.Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, USA
  • B.Sc.Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, USA
  • Nonlinear Control, Sliding Mode Control, Control Theory
  • Process dynamics modeling and simulation and its application to Oil & Gas Industry
  • Control design for industrial processes including oil and gas process
  • Application of Control System Theory to Power Electronics, Power System dynamics and Control, and Power Quality Issues.
  • Electric Motor Drives, High frequency devices and applications

Articles in Refereed Journals

  1. M. L. Hammadih, K. Al Hosani, I. Boiko, “Interpolating Sliding Mode Observer for a Ball and Beam System” International Journal of Control, 2015.
  2. Raja Sekhara Chipi, Naji AlSayari, Khalifa Al Hosani, Abdul R. Beig,” A Control Scheme for Grid-Tied DG Inverter under Unbalanced and Distorted Utility Conditions with Power Quality Ancillary Services,” IET Journal of Renewable Power Generation, July 2015.
  3. Abdul R Beig., Kanukollu, S., Al Hosani, K., Dekka, A. “Space-Vector-Based Synchronized Three-Level Discontinuous PWM for Medium-Voltage High-Power VSI “IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronicsvol. 61no.8pp. 3891-3901, 2014.
  4. Khalifa Al-Hosani and Vadim Utkin, “Parameters Estimation using Sliding Mode Observer with Shift Operator” Journal of The Franklin Institute, 2012.

Book Chapters

  1. A. El Aroudi, M. Al-Numay, K. Al Hosani, N. Al Sayari ‘Using Steady-State Response for Predicting Stability Boundaries in Switched Systems Under PWM with Linear and Bilinear Plants ‘ pp. 367-391in Mohamed Belhaq (Eds.) :  Structural Nonlinear Dynamics and Diagnosis‘, Springer Proceedings in Physics, Volume 168, 2015.
  2. Khalifa Al-Hosani and Vadim Utkin, “Switching Frequency Optimization of DC/AC Inverters using Sliding Mode” Springer monograph on Complex Control Systems (to appear in 2015)
  3. Khalifa Al-Hosani, Andrey Malinin, and Vadim I. Utkin, “Sliding Mode Control for Industrial Controllers,” in Sliding Mode Control, Andrzej Bartoszewicz, Ed.: InTech, 2011, pp. 45-76.

Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings

  1. A. El Aroudi, M. Zhioua, M. Al-Numay, R. Garraoui and K. Al-Hosani, ”Stability Analysis of a Boost Converter with an MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic Applications”, Mediterranean Conference on Information & Communication Technologies’2015, Saïdia, Morocco, 2015.
  2. Radhia Garraoui, Abdelali El Aroudi, Mouna Ben Hamed, Lassaad Sbita and Khalifa Al-Hosani, ” MPPT Controllers Based on Sling-Mode Control Theory and Fuzzy Logic in Photovoltaic Power Systems: A Comparative Study”, Mediterranean Conference on Information & Communication Technologies’2015, Saïdia, Morocco, 2015.
  3. M. L. Hammadih, K. Al Hosani, I. Boiko, ”Design of a gain matrix for a sliding mode observer for an artificial gas lift system”, International Workshop on Recent Advances in Sliding Modes 2015 (RASM 2015), Istanbul, Turkey, 2015.
  4. Al-Wedami, A. ; Al-Hosani, K. ; Beig, A.R., ” Sliding mode observer of submodular capacitor voltages in Modular Multilevel Converter”, International Workshop on Recent Advances in Sliding Modes 2015 (RASM 2015), Istanbul, Turkey, 2015.
  5. Kanukollu, S.; Al Hosani, K.; Al Sayari, N.; Beig, A.R., “Real-time simulation based performance analysis of active filters for oil drilling rigs”,  IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), 2015 , pp 2750-2756.
  6. M.Barara, C.Adiuku, A. Bieg, K. Alhosani, Naji AlSayari, M.Akherraz,A.Abbou, A robust  controller for an isolated renewable energy source  using  multilevel cascaded H-Bridge converter, 5th International Conference Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives May 11-13, 2015 Riga, Latvia.
  7. Saikrishna Kanukollu, Abdul R. Beig, Khalifa Al Hosani, Naji AlSayari, “Real-Time Simulation Based Performance Analysis of Active Filters for Drilling Rigs,” IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition(APEC), March 15-19, 2015, Charlotte, USA.
  8. Djilali Hamza, Khalifa Alhosani, Saikrishna Kanukollu, Naji AlSayari,“Mitigation of Low and High Frequency Harmonics in Variable Speed AC Drives Used in Oil Rigs,” Proceeding of the international Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Gothenburg, Sweden, Sep1-4, 2014 .
  9. D. Hamza and K.H. Al Hosani, “DC-link input EMI filter design in a centralized architecture PV inverter: Impedance approach”, IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2014, pp. 4777, 4783.
  10. Foisal M. Hasan, A. R. Beig, Saikrishna K., and Khalifa Al Hosani “Power Quality and Energy Efficiency Improvement of an Oil Drilling Rigs by Means of Shunt Active Filter” In Conference Record of the Abu-Dhabi international petroleum exhibition conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE,2013,pp. 543-546.

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