Dr. Ali Dawood

Dr. Ali Dawood

Associate Professor of Communication Engineering

Address: P.O.Box: 573, Sharjah, UAE
Telephone: +971 (0)6-5978833
Fax: +971 (0)6-5611789
Email: ali.dawood@ku.ac.ae

  • Ph.D., Engineering, University of Essex (UK), 1999
  • M.Sc., University of Essex (UK), 1995
  • B.Eng, Communication Engineering, Etisalat College of Engineering (UAE), 1994
  • Digital Communications
  • Switching and Networking
  • Video Coding


  • 1998 Ali M. Dawood and M. Ghanbari, MPEG video model based on scene content. IEE Electronic letters, 34(9): 868-870, April 1998.
  • 1999 Ali M. Dawood and M. Ghanbari, Content based MPEG video traffic modeling. IEEE transactions on Multimedia, 1(1): 77-87, March 1999.
  • 1999 Ali M. Dawood and M. Ghanbari, Clear scene cut detection directly from MPEG bit streams. In the proceedings of the IEE seventh international conference on image processing and its applications, IPA’99, Manchester – UK, July 1999.
  • 1999 Ali M. Dawood and M. Ghanbari, Scene content classification from MPEG coded bit streams. In the proceedings of IEEE international workshop on multimedia signal processing, MMSP’99, Copenhagen – Denmark, September 1999.
  • 2001 Ali M. Dawood and M. Ghanbari, Scene cut detection from MPEG video streams coded without B pictures. In the proceedings of IEEE international conference in Acoustics, Speech and Signal processing, ICASSP’01, Salt Lake City, Utah-USA, May 2001.
  • 2004 Ali M. Dawood and Arif S. Al-Hammadi, “A Neuro-Fuzzy technique for scene cut detection from MPEG-1 Video”, In A. Lotfi and J. M. Garibaldi (Eds.), “Application and science in soft computing”, 2004, Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 3-540-40856-8, pp. 309-316.
  • 2005 W. Adi, Ali Dawood, A. Mabrouk, “Multi-level signature for mobile image authentication”, International symposium on telecommunications (IST2005), pp.849-854, Shiraz-Iran, September 2005.
  • 2007 Ali R. Al Suwaidi, Ali Dawood, Khalid Mubarak, Ghaith Matar and Hamad Al Hammadi “Determination of earth surface from TRMM satellite images”, IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (ICSPC 2007), 24-27 November 2007, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2008 Ali Dawood, Ahmad Al Shal and Ridha Hamila “Multiple Description Image Transmission over Unreliable Channel’”, IFIP Wireless Days Conference 2008, 24-27 November 2008, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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