Prof. Bayan Sharif

Prof. Bayan Sharif

Acting Provost, Professor and Dean of Engineering

Address: P.O.Box: 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +971 (0)2-501 8595

Fax: +971 (0)2-4472442



Prof. Sharif has been the Dean of the College of Engineering at Khalifa University since September 2012. He boasts an impressive background in the field of engineering with over 25 years of experience in an academic setting. Professor Sharif received Bachelor and Doctorate Degrees from Queen’s University of Belfast and Ulster University, N. Ireland, in 1984 and 1988, respectively. He then held a Research Fellowship at Queen’s University of Belfast before he was appointed as Lecturer at Newcastle University in 1990, and then as Senior Lecturer and Professor in Digital Communications in 1999 and 2000, respectively. He holds a DSc from Newcastle University since 2013. 

Prior to his appointment at Khalifa University, he worked as the Head of the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. While in that post he was also the Director of Digital Communications, Chair of the Board of Examiners, and Head of the Communications and Signal Processing Research Group (CSP). As Head of CSP, he oversaw the establishment of a research lab dedicated to Sensors, Electromagnetics and Acoustics (SEALAB).

Prof. Sharif’s research interests are in digital communications with a focus on DSP algorithms for receiver structures and optimization of wireless networks. He has published over 300 journal and conference papers, presented several tutorials and invited talks in acoustic and radio networks. He has also held UK, EU, Industrial and RDA research grants in digital communications, underwater acoustics and signal processing worth over £5M. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IEE.

  • D.Sc., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University,UK, 2013
  • Ph.D., Ulster University, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UK, 1988
  • B.Sc., (Hons.), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Queens University of Belfast, UK, 1984
  • Digital Communications
  • Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communications
  • Sensor Networks
  • Underwater Acoustics


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