Prof. Linda Zou

Prof. Linda Zou

Full Professor, Department of Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering

Address: P.O. Box: 54224, Masdar City Campus, Abu Dhabi

Telephone: +971 (02) 8109304

Fax: +971 (02) 8109901

Email: linda.zou@ku.ac.ae

Prof. Linda Zou joined Khalifa University of Science and Technology, as a full professor in October 2014. Her research interests include the application of nanotechnology and membrane science to the development of low energy and high efficiency novel desalination and water purification solutions.

Dr. Zou’s research outcomes have been published in more than 100 journal articles and conference presentations, which are frequently cited (h-index 44, citation 6200+, Google Scholar 2018). She is the chief investigator of many frontier research projects sponsored by the Australian Research Council and the Center of Excellence in Desalination Australia.  At Khalifa University, Dr. Zou leads a ground-breaking research project using nanotechnology to develop cloud seeding materials, which was awarded by the inaugural UAE Research Program on Rain Enhancement Science for 2016-2018. She is also the recipient of the UK-Gulf Institutional Links 2016 grants awarded by British Council for 2017-2019. Additionally, she is currently working on two desalination membrane projects funded by Abu Dhabi Education Council, and a collaborative program with the University of Manchester. She is also involved in the Masdar Renewable Energy Desalination Program, and leads a novel desalination research project on capacitive deionization in partnership with Veolia Dr. Zou is a research-focused faculty member, provides graduate level teaching and advises several PhD and Master’s students at Khalifa University. Dr. Zou is leading the following research topics, which are available for MSc and PhD students starting from 2015 to present:

  • Nanostructured cloud seeding materials for efficient rain formation
  • Nanomaterials based electrode materials in capacitive deionization application
  • Graphene assisted salt selective desalination membranes
  • Nanomaterials and ion exchange membranes for water desalination
  • Forward osmosis membrane process and fouling
  • Water reuse and recycle for agriculture by using membrane technologies
  • Membrane process (non-biological) to treat oil and gas produced water for recycling and reuse
  • Desalinating Brine Utilization.
  • Ph.D, Applied Chemistry, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 1998
  • M.Eng, Environmental Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, 1991.
  • B.Eng, Chem and Env Engineering. Beijing University of Technology, 1989
  • Nanotechnology in water purification
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Novel cloud seeding materials
  • Capacitive deionization
  • Forward osmosis process
  • Graphene-assisted membranes
  • Fouling resistant membrane surface


Peer reviewed journal articles


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