Dr. Vikas Mittal

Dr. Vikas Mittal

Dr. Vikas Mittal received his PhD degree in 2006 from Department of Materials and Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland. Afterwards, he was employed at SunChemical, UK as materials scientist and at BASF, Germany as polymer engineer. Dr. Mittal joined the Petroleum Institute (now part of Khalifa University) as Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering in 2010 and was subsequently promoted to Associate Professor rank in 2013. He has also worked as Department Deputy Chair and Department Associate Chair during this duration. He has been an active researcher in the field of polymer nanotechnology and its applications in various streams. He has published more than 125 peer reviewed papers on these subjects, along with 40 edited and authored books.

  • Jan 2002 – Jul 2006: PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering from Department of Chemical and Bioengineering and Department of Materials, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jul 2000 – Dec 2001: M.Tech. (Master of Technology) in Polymer Science and Engineering from Centre of Polymer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India
  • Jul 1996 – Jun 2000: B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Chemical Engineering from Department of Chemical and Bioengineering, Punjab Technical University (PTU), Punjab, India
  • Polymer Properties
  • Polymer Processing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Heat Transfer
  • Nanostructured polymeric (and composite) coatings for corrosion protection
  • Novel polymer (and hybrid) membranes for gas treatment
  • Nanocomposites and bio-nanocomposites for diverse applications
  • Nanostructured materials for adsorption (gases, oil, dyes and phenols) as well as energy storage, such as N- and P-doped graphene, graphene/metal oxide nanoparticles and graphene cryogels

Selected Recent Publications


  1. Anish Mathai Varghese, Swati Singh, Vengatesan Muthukumaraswamy Rangaraj and Vikas Mittal. Two‐dimensional mullite nanostructure: Synthesis and reinforcement effect on polypropylene/maleic anhydride graft ethylene vinyl acetate matrix. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2019, 136, 48233.
  2. Jeewan Pokhrel, Nidhika Bhoria, Chao Wu, Suresh Kumar Reddy, Haris Margetis, Stavroula Anastasiou, Gigi George, Vikas Mittal, George Romanos, Dimitrios Karonis and Georgios N. Karanikolos. Cu- and Zr-based Metal Organic Frameworks and Their Composites with Graphene Oxide for Capture of Acid Gases at Ambient Temperature. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2018, 266, 233-243
  3. Bhagabat Bhuyan, A. Roy, Suneel Kumar Srivastava and Vikas Mittal. Multiwalled carbon nanotube/montmorillonite hybrid filled ethylene‐co‐vinyl acetate nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical properties, thermal stability, and dielectric response. Polymer Engineering and Science, 2018, 58(7), 1155-1165
  4. Anish M. Varghese, Vengatesan M. Rangaraj, Sung C. Mun, Christopher W. Macosko and Vikas Mittal. Effect of Graphene on Polypropylene/Maleic Anhydride-graft-Ethylene–Vinyl Acetate (PP/EVA-g-MA) Blend: Mechanical, Thermal, Morphological, and Rheological Properties. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2018, 57(23), 7834-7845
  5. Liyamol Jacob, K. Prasanna, M. R. Vengatesan, P. Santhoshkumar, Chang Wool Lee and Vikas Mittal. Binary Cu/ZnO Decorated Graphene Nanocomposites as an Efficient Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2018, 59, 108-114
  6. Fakhruddin Patwary, Nadejda Matsko and Vikas Mittalc. Biodegradation Properties of Melt Processed PBS/Chitosan Bio-nanocomposites with Silica, Silicate and Thermally Reduced Graphene. Polymer Composites, 2018, 39(2), 386-397
  7. U. Chaudhry, Vikas Mittal and Brajendra Mishra. Impedance Response of Nanocomposite Coatings Comprising of Polyvinyl Butyral and Haydale’s Plasma Processed Graphene. Progress in Organic Coatings, 2017, 110, 97-103
  8. Jun Xu, Micah J. Howard, Vikas Mittal and Frank S. Bates. Block Copolymer Micelle Toughened Isotactic Polypropylene. Macromolecules, 2017, 50(17), 6421-6432
  9. Arnaud Gigot, Alessio Morra, Micaela Castellino, Candido F. Pirri, Vikas Mittal, Kurt Dietliker, Marco Sangermano. Photolatent Base Catalyzed Michael-addition and Concomitant In-situ Graphene Oxide Reduction to Obtain Electrically and Thermally Conductive UV-cured Composite. Polymer, 2017, 108, 251-256
  10. R. Vengatesan, S. Singh, S. Stephen, K. Prasanna, C. W. Lee and V. Mittal. Facile Synthesis of Thermally Reduced Graphene Oxide-Sepiolite Nanohybrid via Intercalation and Thermal Reduction Method. Applied Clay Science, 2017, 135, 510-515
  11. Seba Sara Varghese, Sundaram Swaminathan, Krishna Kumar Singh and Vikas Mittal. Energetic Stabilities, Structural and Electronic Properties of Monolayer Graphene Doped with Boron and Nitrogen Atoms. Electronics, 2016, 5, 91
  12. Christopher S. Moran, Agathe Barthelon, Andrew Pearsall, Vikas Mittal and John R. Dorgan. Biorenewable Blends of Polyamide-4,10 and Polyamide-6,10. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016, 133(45), 43626
  13. Sunil P. Lonkar, Vishnu Pillai, Ahmed Abdala and Vikas Mittal. In-situ Formed Graphene/ZnO Nanostructured Composites for Low Temperature Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Natural Gas. RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 81142-81150
  14. Kunal Manna, Suneel Shrivastava and Vikas Mittal. Role of Enhanced Hydrogen Bonding of Selectively Reduced Graphite Oxide in Fabrication of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nano-Composites in Water as EMI Shielding Material. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2016, 120(30), 17011-17023
  15. Jun Xu, Vikas Mittal and Frank S. Bates. Toughened Isotactic Polypropylene: Phase Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Blends with Strategically Designed Random Copolymer Modifiers. Macromolecules, 2016, 49(17), 6497-6506
  16. Muhammad Z. Iqbal, Ahmed A. Abdala, Vikas Mittal, Sonke Seifert, Andrew M. Herring and Matthew W. Liberatore. Processable Conductive Graphene/Polyethylene Nanocomposites: Effects of Graphene Dispersion and Polyethylene Blending with Oxidized Polyethylene on Rheology and Microstructure. Polymer, 2016, 294, 1659-1670
  17. Vikas Mittal and Ali U. Chaudhry. Polyethylene-Thermally Reduced Graphene Nanocomposites: Comparison of Masterbatch and Direct Melt Mixing Approaches on Mechanical, Thermal, Rheological and Morphological Properties. Colloid and Polymer Science, 2016, 294(10), 1659-1670
  18. Thanapoon Niratiwongkorn, Gisha Elizabeth Luckachan and Vikas Mittalc. Self-healing Protective Coatings of Polyvinyl Butyral/Polypyrrole-Carbon Black Composite on Carbon Steel. RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 43237-43249
  19. Sunil P. Lonkar, Vishnu V. Pillai, Samuel Stephen, Ahmed Abdala and Vikas Mittalc. Facile In-situ Fabrication of Nanostructured Graphene-CuO Hybrid with Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Capacity. Nano-Micro Letters, 2016, 8, 312-319
  20. Gigi George, Nidhika Bhoria, Sama AlHallaq, Ahmed Abdala, Vikas Mittalc. Polymer Membranes for Acid Gas Removal from Natural Gas. Separation and Purification Technology, 2016, 158, 333-356

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