Dr. Jorge Rodriguez R

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez R

Dr Jorge Rodríguez R., Associate Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department, at Khalifa University (Masdar City Campus), holds a PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (2006) and a MEng and BEng Chemical Engineering (2001) by the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) Spain. He holds a PGCert in Higher Education and is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

He had active researcher roles in more than twenty national and international research projects, funded by the Spanish Government, UK Research Councils, the European Commission and the Government of Abu Dhabi. Dr Rodríguez has also published extensively in in peer-reviewed ISI-indexed journals and over a thousand citations (Scopus), has several book chapters, two patents and over 60 peer-reviewed conference contributions, including invited talks (https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=9iUCEj0AAAAJ).

Dr Rodríguez is currently Editor for the scientific journal Water Science & Technology and has been recently appointed co-Chair and Secretary of the IWA Anaerobic Digestion Specialist Group. He regularly acts as reviewer for scientific journals and funding agencies including the Spanish Government and UK RCs. He has also cochaired the scientific committee of the 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion and chaired the organising committee of the IWA LET2014 conference held in Abu Dhabi among other international scientific committees.

Dr Rodríguez’s Lab (http://envbioprom.org) at the Masdar City Campus involves a team of graduate students and researchers. He has an ample network of collaborations including with the UQ(AU), USC(ES), INRA(FR) and TUDelft (NL) and holds a Visiting Professor appointment at the University of South Wales (UK).

  • Dr. Jorge Rodriguez holds a PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering as well as MEng in Chemical Engineering and BEng Industrial Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) in Spain. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy.
  • Wastewater Treatment Engineering
  • Microbial bioprocess modelling
  • Process dynamics and control
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Bioenergetic, biochemical and biokinetic modelling of microbial ecosystems.
  • Advanced control and modelling of anaerobic (co)digestion processes.
  • Modelling microbial electrochemical technologies.
  • Mixed culture microalgae for non biofuel products.
  • Anaerobic microbial fermentations for controlled product formation.
  • Ahmed, W., Rodríguez, J., (2017) Generalised parameter estimation and calibration for biokinetic models using correlation and single variable optimisations: Application to sulfate reduction modelling in anaerobic digestion, Water Research 122, pp. 407-418
  • Perrotta AR, Kumaraswamy R, Bastidas-Oyanedel JR, Alm EJ and Rodríguez J. (2017) Inoculum composition determines microbial community and function in an anaerobic sequential batch reactor. PloS One, (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0171369)
  • Oyetunde T, Sarma PM, Ahmad F and Rodríguez J. (2017) A Multiple Reaction Modelling Framework for Microbial Electrochemical Technologies J. Mol. Sci. 2017, 18(1), 86
  • González-Cabaleiro R., Ofiteru I.D., Lema JM. and Rodríguez J. (2015) Microbial catabolic activities are naturally selected by metabolic energy harvest rate. The ISME Journal 9, pp. 2630–2641.
  • García-Gen S., Rodríguez J. and Juan M. Lema. (2014) Optimisation of substrates blends in anaerobic co-digestion using adaptive linear programming. Bioresource Technology 173, pp.159-167
  • Uratani J.M., Kumaraswamy R. and Rodríguez J. (2014) A systematic strain selection approach for halotolerant and halophilic bioprocess development. Extremophiles 18 (4), 629-639.
  • González-Cabaleiro R., Lema JM., Rodríguez J., Kleerebezem R. (2013) Linking thermodynamics and kinetics to assess pathway reversibility in anaerobic bioprocesses. Energy & Environmental Science 6, 3780-3789.
  • Rodríguez J., Lema J.M. and Kleerebezem R. (2008). Energy based models for environmental biotechnology. Trends in Biotechnology 26(7), pp. 366-374.
  • Rabaey K., Rodríguez J., Blackall L., Keller J., Batstone D., Verstraete W. and Nealson K.H. (2007). Microbial ecology meets electrochemistry: Electricity driven and driving communities. The ISME Journal 1, pp.9-18.
  • Rodríguez J., Kleerebezem R., Lema J.M., van Loosdrecht M.C.M. (2006) Modelling product formation in mixed culture fermentations. Biotechnology & Bioengineering 93(3), pp.592-606

Full list (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=9iUCEj0AAAAJ)

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