Dr. Deborah Gater

Dr. Deborah Gater

Dr. deborah
ssistant Professor of Chemistry, Department of Applied Mathematics and Sciences
Address: P.O. Box: 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +971-(0)2-4018176

Fax: +971-(0)2-4472447



Dr. Gater has worked as a Marie-Curie Experienced Researcher at the IPBS (part of the CNRS) in Toulouse, France, and as the in-house editor of ‘Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development’. Prior to this, she obtained her graduate and undergraduate degrees at Imperial College, London. At Khalifa University, Dr. Gater is pursuing her research into the biophysical properties cholesterol and cholesterol-related compounds, while teaching chemistry to students in the College of Engineering.

  • PhD, Chemistry, Imperial College, UK, 2008
  • MRes, Protein and Membrane Science, Imperial College, UK, 2004
  • MSci, Chemistry, Imperial College, UK, 2003
  • Chemistry
  • Membrane Biophysics
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Journal Papers

  • Gater DL, Saurel O, Iordanov I, Liu W, Cherezov V, Milon A. 2014. Two classes of cholesterol binding sites for the beta2AR revealed by thermostability and NMR. Biophys J 107:2305-12
  • Gater DL, Reat V, Czaplicki G, Saurel O, Milon A, et al. 2013. Hydrogen Bonding of Cholesterol in the Lipidic Cubic Phase. Langmuir 29:8031-8
  • Gater DL, Seddon JM, Law RV. 2008. Formation of the liquid-ordered phase in fully hydrated mixtures of cholesterol and lysopalmitoylphosphatidylcholine. Soft Matter 4:263-7

Conference Papers

  • Gater D, Iqbal A, Davey J, Gale E. Connecting spiking neurons to a spiking memristor network changes the memristor dynamics. Proc. Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS), 2013 IEEE 20th International Conference on, 2013:534-7

Indexed Conference Abstracts

  • Gater DL, Saurel O, Iordanov I, Liu W, Cherezov V, Milon A. 2014. Cholesterol-Gpcr (B2AR) Interaction in Lipidic Cubic Phase: Insight from 13C NMR. Biophys J 106:715A-A
  • Gater D, Saurel O, Liu W, Cherezov V, Milon A. 2012. The Monoolein-Cholesterol Cubic Phase: Characterization by NMR Spectroscopy. Biophys J 102:390A-A
  • Gater DL, Seddon JM, Law RV, Magee AI. 2007. Cholesterol-driven lamellar phases: The phase behaviour of fully hydrated mixtures of dipalmitoylglycerol and cholesterol. Biophys J:57A-A

Other Publications

  • Gater D. 2010. 32nd National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium Medicinal Chemistry Developments for Cancer, and Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Psychiatric Disorders 6-9 June 2010, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Idrugs 13:517-9
  • Gater D., Macauley D. 2009. American Chemical Society-238th National Meeting & Exposition Developments in Medicinal Chemistry: Part 2 16-20 August 2009, Washington DC, USA. Idrugs 12:608-11
  • Gater D. 2009. ADMET – SMi’s Fourth Annual Meeting 1-2 July 2009, London, UK. Idrugs 12:547-9

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