Dr. Abdulrahim Sajini

Dr. Abdulrahim Sajini

Assistant Professor of Stem Cell Biology at Khalifa University, Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Email: abdulrahim.sajini@ku.ac.ae

Dr. Abdulrahim Sajini completed his masters degree in Stem Cell Biology from the University of Minnesota, USA and PhD in Stem Cell Biology and RNA Post-transcription modifications from the University of Cambridge, UK. In Minnesota he was involved in studying pluripotency in embryonic / induced pluripotent stem cells. Later, in Cambridge he worked with Dr. Michaela Frye investigating how RNA post-transcription modifications on non-coding RNAs modulate adult stem cell self-renewal. Subsequently, he completed his post-doc at the University of Cambridge researching RNA methylation dependent binding proteins and non-canonical microRNA pathways. He has published papers in top journals such as Developmental Biology, Cell press and Nature.

Dr. Abdulrahim also completed his entrepreneurship training at the Judge Business School in the University of Cambridge as part of the Accelerate Cambridge program in 2015.

His research interests are focused on stem cells, RNA post-transcription modifications, islet transplants, Diabetes, and non-coding RNAs.

  • Post-doctoral training in skin stem cells and RNAprocessing
    University of Cambridge, Department of Genetics
    Oct-2016 to Jul- 2017
  • PhD in Stem Cell and RNA Biology
    University of Cambridge, Welcome Trust MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
    Oct- 2012 to Sept- 2016.
  • M.S in Stem Cell Biology
    University of Minnesota, School of medicine, Stem Cell Institute
    Sept- 2010 to Apr- 2012
  • BMED 341 Molecular and cellular physiology I.
  • BMED 342 Molecular and cellular physiology II.
  • Stem cells / RNA post-transcription modifications / Diabetes / islet transplants / non-coding RNAs / Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics.
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