Szu Szu Ling

Szu Szu Ling

Address: P. O. Box 127788, Abu Dhabi

Telephone: +971 – (0)2-2018504

Fax: +971-(0)2-4472442

Email: szu.ling@ku.ac.ae


Dr. Szu Szu (Alice) Ling was awarded her Ph.D. in Science Education by the National University of Malaysia in 2018. During her early career in Malaysia, she was the head of the chemistry department and one of the examiners for Malaysia National O-level examination in chemistry. She first joined Khalifa University as a lab instructor (chemistry) in 2010 and made an original contribution to the continued innovation and development of the chemistry program by introducing game-based learning in CHEM 115 in Fall semester 2012 and Spring semester 2013. Dr. Ling was promoted to lecturer in the preparatory program in August 2014, where her duties include teaching, leading the chemistry team and acting as STEM coordinator. Her research primarily focuses on developing and implementing active engagement methods to improve students’ attitude toward learning chemistry.

  • Ph.D., Science Education, The National University of Malaysia (UKM), 2018
  • Sc., Chemistry, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia, 2003
  • Sc. & Comp. with Ed., Chemistry, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia, 2001
  • General Chemistry
  • Preparatory Chemistry

1) Research in science education particularly chemistry including:

  • Teaching and learning in science
  • Game-based learning in science
  • Critical thinking skills for science students

2) Catalyst application in water treatment

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