Motassem Al-arydah

Motassem Al-arydah

Mo’tassem Al-arydah
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Mo’tassem Al-arydah was teaching at High schools and the Hashemite University 2000-2005. He finished his PhD from the University of Ottawa (Canada) on 2009. He worked as NSERC postdoctoral researcher at Health Canada and as a postdoctoral researcher at Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa (Canada) 2009-2014.

His research focuses on modelling physical phenomena using ordinary and partial differential equations. He has worked on reaction-diffusion dynamics in Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Modelling infectious diseases, Modelling relationship between exposure to ionization radiation and cerebrovascular diseases, and on assessment of burden of lung cancer due to residential exposure to radon gas.

  • Calculus 1
  • Calculus 2
  • Calculus 3
  • Linear and differential
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Relationship between Radon gas exposure and lung cancer
  • Relationship between exposure to ionization radiation and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Modelling infectious diseases
  • Reaction-diffusion dynamics
  1. M.  Al-arydah. Population attributable risk associated with lung cancer induced by residential radon in Canada: Sensitivity to relative risk model and radon probability density function choices.  Science of the Total Environment JournalVolumes 596–597, 15 October 2017, Pages 331–341
  2. M.  Al-arydah,M. Tufail malik.  An age-structured model of the human Papillomavirus dynamics and optimal vaccine control. Accepted: International Journal of Biomathematics 2017
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  4. M. Al-arydah,B. Hayes, S.Mushayabasa, D.T.  Dimitrov, C.P.Bhunu and R.J.Smith?  Modelling the impact of treatment on TB transmission dynamics.  (International Journal of Biomathematics and Systems Biology 2015)
  5. M. Al-arydahand R.J.  Smith?  Adding education to  ”test and treat”:  canweovercomedrugresistance?  (Journal of applied mathematics 2015)
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  7. M.   Al-arydahand R.J.  Smith?  F.  Lutscher  Modeling  gender- structuredwildlifediseaseswithharvesting:  ChronicWastingDisease asan  example.(ISRNBiomathematics,Volume2012,Article  ID 802450)
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