Anoop Sivasankaran

Anoop Sivasankaran

Anoop Sivasankaran
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Applied Mathematics and Sciences
+971 (0)2 501 8443

Dr. Anoop Sivasankaran earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, in 2010, following the completion of his MSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Dr. Sivasankaran’s current research is in the area of dynamical systems with particular emphasis on collisional singularities and regularization theory, chaos and stability in planetary or multi stellar systems, topological behaviors of dynamical systems, fast chaos detection methods and multi-dimensional Poincaré mapping. Dr. Sivasankaran is also pursuing several other avenues of interdisciplinary research ranging from operational research to mathematical modeling of nonlinear orthotropic rubber.

Prior to joining the Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR), which became a part of the Khalifa University of Science and Technology in 2017, Dr. Sivasankaran worked as decision analytic modeler with Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG) at the University of Exeter and Plymouth, where he focused on assessing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of health technologies using mathematical models. Methodological applications of this work included modeling costs and benefits for patients over the expected lifetime of the technology, future changes in drug prices, and application of survival analysis.

Courses taught:

  • MATH111 Calculus I
  • MATH112 Calculus II
  • MATH212 Calculus III
  • MATH213 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • MATH311 Probability and Statistics with Discrete Mathematics
  • Research interests: dynamical systems; celestial mechanics; gravitational few-body problems; chaos and stability in planetary or multi stellar systems; and fast chaos detection methods.
  • Shoaib M, Kashif A and Sivasankaran A: 2016, ‘Planar Central Configurations of Symmetric Five-Body Problems with Two Pairs of Equal Masses’, Advances in Astronomy, Article ID 9897681, 11 pages, doi:10.1155/2016/9897681, (Indexed in WoS and Scopus).
  • Shariff M.H.B.M, Sivasankaran A and Kavazovic Z: 2015, ‘Stress-softening Formulae of Polymer Bearings’, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering vol. 2015, Article ID 159256, 8 pages, doi:10.1155/2015/159256, (Indexed in WoS and Scopus).
  • Kashif A, Shoaib M and Sivasankaran A: 2015, ‘Central configurations of an isosceles trapezoidal five-body problem’, Trends in Mathematics, Springer, 4, 71-77, (Indexed in WoS and Scopus).
  • Shoaib M, Sivasankaran A and Kashif A: 2014, ‘Central configurations in the collinear five-body problem’, Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 36, 576-585, (Indexed in WoS and Scopus).
  • Sivasankaran A, Shoaib M: 2013, An efficient computational approach for global regularization schemes, Journal of Chaotic Modeling and Simulation, 3, 441-450.
  • Shoaib M, Sivasankaran A: 2013, Central Configurations in a symmetric five-body problem, Journal of Chaotic Modeling and Simulation, 3, 431-439.
  • Shoaib M, Faye I and Sivasankaran A: 2012,‘Some Special Solutions of the Rhomboidal Five-Body Problem’, American Institute of Physics conference proceedings, 1482, 496-501,(Indexed in WoS and Scopus).
  • Sivasankaran A, Steves B.A and Sweatman W.L: 2010, ‘A global regularisation scheme for integrating the Caledonian Symmetric Four-Body Problem’, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, 107, 157-168, (Indexed in WoS and Scopus).
  • Sivasankaran A, Steves B.A and Sweatman W.L: 2009, ‘Close encounters in the Caledonian Symmetrical Few Body Problems’, Publication of Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, 87, 177-180.

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